9 Best Succulents with Yellow Flowers

Looking for a succulent that can brighten up any space? You can’t go wrong with succulents plants that have yellow flowers.

Combining the best of both worlds, check out our list of 9 best succulents with yellow flowers:

1. Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus is aptly named as it’s one of few special plants that bloom during the holiday season. It’s worthy to note that it’s less harmful for pets and little kids compared to mistletoes, poinsettias and hollies.

The succulent mostly produces bright pink multi-layered flowers, but there are a few varieties that have yellow flowers. For example, the Gold Charm sports beautiful golden flowers, while Christmas Gold makes extraordinary yellow blooms with purple and pink stamen and centers, respectively.

Caring for the Christmas Cactus is easy enough. Just put the little trooper in any bright sunny window and it’ll make flowers quickly and with very little help from you.

2. Sedum

Sedums are great as ground cover or as a fence plant. However, you may not know that one of its species, the Sedum Acre produces stunning yellow flowers that’s in perfect contrast to the succulent’s dark leaves.

If you’re worried about caring for a Sedum, don’t. They are some of the hardiest succulents around and can survive in a wide variety of environments, including freezing conditions and full sun. They also grow relatively fast compared to other succulents and isn’t too picky about the soil.

The yellow flowers in a Sedum Acre is a must-experience. The yellow looks like melted butter and the star shape really captures the eye.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera With Yellow Flowers

The Aloe Vera is a favorite among households. It’s tough, doesn’t complain much and accommodates any light, even artificial ones.

This succulent’s most commonly known ability hides in its leaves- whenever you or a family member suffers a burn, just cut a leaf with care and inside is a gel that has remarkable healing properties.

Then, just when you think you know all about Aloe Vera, its flowers show up and surprise you. The blooms are uniquely shaped just like a cone and grow on tall stems way beyond the foliage. They’re like mini palm trees or a bunch of yellow ripe bananas that look very tasty.

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4. Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus with Yellow Flowers

A cactus may be the furthest thing from your mind when looking for succulents with yellow flowers, but they do have a species that does exactly that. The Prickly Pear Cactus, particularly the Opuntia Humifusa deserves special mention for its peony-like blooms that are delicate and supremely gorgeous at the same time.

As an added bonus, care for one long enough and you can reap the edible benefits. The Prickly Pear makes fruits that you can actually eat, but the kicker is that the leaves themselves are consumable as well. Remove the thorns on the fleshy pads and you can add it to salad or fry, grill and pickle them for later.

5. Echeveria

Echeveria succulent with Yellow Flower

No succulent list will be complete without the humble Echeveria. As it stands, the plant has not just one, but two species that make stunning yellow blooms that brighten up the room.

The Echeveria Pulidonis continually sends out long stems with downward-facing, bell-shaped blooms that are striking to behold. On the other hand, the Echeveria Dondo sends out a tree like stem with mini leaves and yellow-orange mini tulips. Both are worthy additions to any succulent collection.

Bright light and windowsills are an echeveria’s preferred location. The green rosettes are beautiful and you can enjoy them while waiting for the yellow flowers to show.

6. Aeonium Kiwi

Aeonium Kiwi with Yellow leaves and Flowers

The Aeonium Kiwi is unlike any succulent you’ve seen before. It’s not a uniform green color, but rather a gradient of yellow to light green to peach spreading outwards. The more you look at it the more you’ll be mesmerized by its mysterious beauty.

The succulent thrives in hot and dry conditions, such as the ones in New Mexico, Arizona, California and Texas. Being native to North Africa and the Canary Islands, you’ll love its low-profile care requirements and easy attitude.

The succulent rarely flowers, but when it does it’s a literal fireworks show. Blasts of long and thin blooms make way for long yellow stamens with round ends.

7. Emory’s Barrel Cactus

Emory's Barrel Cactus Flowering Yellow in the Center

It’s big, can grow up to five feet in height and isn’t as attractive as the other succulents on the list. However, if you want long lasting yellow flowers then the Emory’s Barrel Cactus is a must-consider.

This plant is suited more in gardens and the ground than inside and potted up. If you can make room for the succulent it will serve you well as a landscape for many years to come. Then, when April arrives you can look forward to spiky yellow-hued blooms that are curious and gorgeous at the same time.

8. Florist Kalanchoe

Florist Kalanchoe with red, yellow, and green flowers

The reason why it earns the title ‘florist’ is because it offers a variety of colored blooms ranging from red to white, pink and yellow, among others.

The Florist Kalanchoe is common enough that you can easily find them in the flowers and plants section in groceries, gardens and succulent shops. Bring it home, take good care of it and you’ll be rewarded with a good many flowers for years to come.

You may experience an issue where your Florist Kalanchoe only blooms once. To remedy this, keep it in a dark area for twelve hours a day to force it to reset.

9. Golden Barrel Cactus

Last but not least we have the Golden Barrel Cactus, which according to its namesake produces huge, bright golden flowers that are a sight for sore eyes.  It’s one of the most beautiful succulents with yellow flowers.

The succulent is pretty easy to care for, but you may want to pick its location carefully if you have kids or curious pets. They can act as natural fences against wild animals though, so that’s a benefit in their behalf. Like any other cactii they don’t need too much watering- a shower every week or two should suffice. Also, it loves the heat so don’t be afraid to put it in your sunniest spot.

Succulent Care

Succulents are pretty easy to care for, although you don’t want to overwater them.  You should not plant succulents in rocks or pebbles.They need a high draining soil.  Most succulents need soaked and watered again when they dry all the way.  You may also be interested in succulents with red flowers.

ucculents have some of the most beautiful leaves out of all the plant species.  Succulent leaves do grow back.  But, they don’t usually grow back in the same place.