6 Great Zone 5 Bulbs to Plant in the Spring

Bright, cheery flowers are one of the best sights you can see come springtime, and flower bulbs are an excellent means to this end. If you’re wondering what the best Zone 5 bulbs to plant in spring are, you’ve come to the right place. Your garden or yard will love having these 6 cold-hardy bulbs around.

Zone 5 bulbs to plant in spring


zone 5 bulbs to plant in spring

Hyacinth flowers and their scent definitely herald the arrival of spring. This plant is hardy enough that it can thrive anywhere from USDA zones 3 to 9. Furthermore, hyacinths actually need to experience winter and break their dormancy cycle.

Home gardens in USDA zone 5 should definitely have a hyacinth bulb or two. It’s recommended to plant the bulb during fall and in a sunny location. Well-draining soil is a must, as too much water can be detrimental to their health. To get more flowers you should cut down the flower stalk and leave the rest.


zone 5 bulbs to plant in spring

The flowers of tulips come in every shade imaginable. What’s even more appealing is that these bulbs produce strong bright colors that pop out amid the spring season.

Not only are tulips hardy, they grow quite fast. However, if you live in zone 5 regions you should wait until autumn or early winter. Like hyacinths, they love to get full sun and settle in well-draining soil. It’s recommended that you put in some mulch and fertilize regularly so you can see them at their best.

Pick the more robust ones and avoid those that are moldy or soft. The bulbs should be planted with the pointed end reaching towards the surface. Water them in well and soon you’ll be rewarded with green shoots.


zone 5 bulbs to plant in spring

Beginner gardening enthusiasts and those who are looking for low-profile zone 5 bulbs to plant in spring should definitely try the Crocus. It’s one of the early bloomers, too- sometimes the flowers peek out through snow and herald the arrival of spring.

Generally, they’re planted around November but the exact date may vary depending on your location and first freeze period. After first frost, the bulbs should be planted as they require a 12 to 16 week chilling period.

Crocus plants can be grown in sunny to partial sun locations. They can thrive in a variety of soil conditions, but remember that they can quickly spread in open areas.


You’re likely to see daffodils in most lawns and gardens in zone 5, which stands as a testament to its popularity. They’re not too difficult to care for and give you long-lasting blooms throughout spring.

Daffodils are best planted in groups- make a loose circle in the soil and put in about 10 or more. It’s better to stick to one cultivar per bunch for aesthetic reasons. Once they settle in, daffodils are hardy plants and you can expect to have colorful flowers every season.

The best part about daffodils is that they work well with other plants, whether it be shrubs, annuals or perennials. Give them a try!


Another example of zone 5 bulbs to plant in spring is the iris. There’s about 300-plus species of Irises you can choose from, and a lot of them will thrive in USDA zone 5. Iris plants have a somewhat regal flower that will vigorously grow as long as they’re put in the right conditions.

Care for the iris is minimal, and you just have to get it settled in and keep the rhizomes from being crowded for maximum bloom. The bearded iris stands as the most common, and it’s relatively short enough that you can put them in medium containers and flowerbeds.

Common flower colors include white, yellow, blue and purple, with some hybridized variants offering multi-colored petals. Expect a shower of color come late spring and as long as they’re in a sunny location.


Snowdrops are aptly named as the flowers appear as soon as the snow begins to melt. They’re unique in that they don’t like warm winters that much, which shouldn’t be a problem in zone 5 areas.

It’s best to plant them as soon as you purchase them. Unlike other bulbs, these plants enjoy bright indirect light so you should pick a location that gets sufficient shade. Early fall is the best time to put them in the ground or in containers. Once done, wait patiently for the first blooms to peek out from the snow.

Zone 5 bulbs to plant in spring: Conclusion

As you can see there are many beautiful zone 5 bulbs to plant in spring. These bulbs will allow you to add color to your yard and create lovely flower beds.

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