28-0-5 Fertilizer For Your Yard

Lawn maintenance involves different care activities, and the application of fertilizer is among the many activities. When it comes to applying fertilizer, however, you will have to determine the type of nutrients your lawn needs before buying any fertilizer. 

All fertilizer products have bold numbers on the label, where each number represents the nutrients contained in the fertilizer. The numbers you see on fertilizer usually indicate the ratio of the three primary nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. 

For every fertilizer product you buy, the first number represents the quantity of nitrogen, the middle number represents phosphorus, and the third number represents the quantity of potassium. A 28-0-5 fertilizer has 28 units of nitrogen, zero phosphorus, and five units of potassium. Read on to learn more about 28-0-5 fertilizer.

What is 28-0-5 fertilizer?

28-0-5 fertilizer

Nearly all fertilizer products come with three numbers prominently printed on their label. These numbers tell more about the fertilizer grade — the guaranteed minimum percentage of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P2O5), and potassium (K2O) in the fertilizer. The numbers are always listed in this order. 

A 28-0-5 grade fertilizer means that the product contains at least 28% nitrogen, 0% phosphorous, and 5% potassium. Clearly, this is a high nitrogen-based fertilizer, so it will provide the nutrients needed to produce a lush green lawn.

What is 28-0-5 fertilizer good for? 

28-0-5 fertilizer

Normally, grass gets the nutrients it needs to thrive from minerals and organic matter in the ground and grass clippings. As such, having organic-rich soil is key to establishing a thriving lawn. But the nutrients in your lawn soil won’t last forever. 

There are nutrients that your grass requires in larger amounts than the soil may naturally supply: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium — NPK. That’s where fertilizers like 28-0-5 come in. 

A 28-0-5 fertilizer is a synthetic formulation designed to help homeowners and gardeners establish plush lawns. 

This formulation contains a minimum of 28% nitrogen, the nutrient known to contribute the most to established lawns. Nitrogen helps with plant growth above the ground. Precisely, it promotes rapid foliage growth and vibrant leafy green while ensuring the stems of your grass also remain healthy. Soon after applying 28-0-5 on your lawn, you will see the grass blades growing vigorously.

28-0-5 fertilizer also contains a significant amount of potassium, 5 percent. While potassium does not exactly promote growth, it plays an indispensable role in ensuring your lawn remains healthy year-round. Potassium helps grass and other plants build strong cells, which makes your lawn more resistant to major threats, including diseases, pests, heat, and cold.

It also influences photosynthesis in many ways, enhancing healthy chlorophyll production, which helps ensure the dark green foliage coloration. 

Due to its composition, 28-0-5 fertilizer is an excellent choice for lawns with nitrogen deficiencies. The high nitrogen content will boost vegetative growth. For gardeners living in climates with harsh weather conditions, the potassium content in 28-5-5 will boost the lawn’s ability to resist the unforgiving weather.

Using 28-0-5 fertilizer

28-0-5 fertilizer is formulated for use in a wide range of turfgrasses, including St. Augustine, Ziysis, Bermuda, Fescue, and Centipede. It can also be used in a range of crops and plants. For the best results and depending on what nutrients your lawn or plants need most, you may want to apply 28-0-5 with other organic options at the same time. 

To know whether or not this fertilizer is good for your yard, read the label to see what turf and plants it is best suited for. 

Because it is a slow-release fertilizer, it provides a steady supply of nitrogen, potassium, and other nutrients to your turfgrass over an extended period. 

Apply 28-0-5 fertilizer in early spring before new growth and then again in late summer or early fall. If you are using dry fertilizer, always make sure to water it down after application so the nutrients will be available for your grass and plants. 

Note: 28-0-5 fertilizer has high nitrogen content. As such, applying too much of it can cause nitrogen burn. To avoid hurting your lawn, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


28-0-5 fertilizer is a nitrogen-rich synthetic formulation that you may want to consider for your lawn. The fertilizer is ideal for lawns suffering from nitrogen deficiency and prone to diseases. Before applying any fertilizer to your lawn, always make sure to have your soil tested by your local extension officer. Soil tests help you understand the nutrients your lean needs. 

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