Zone 8 Palm Trees That Thrive in a Sunny Climate

If you live in hardiness zone 8, you may doubt your ability to grow palm trees. When most people think of palm trees, they envision a tropical island or beachside resort town. But the truth is many palm trees can easily be grown in zone 8 with little care. Below you will find zone 8 palm trees that you can grow in your backyard.

Chinese Fan Palm

One of the most beautiful zone 8 palm trees that you can grow is the Chinese fan palm. This tropical tree is native to Eastern Asia and thrives in zones 8b-11. The Chinese fan palm is super hardy and can grow up to 50 feet in height. Compared to other palm trees, this variety is a fast grower and will thrive if you give it plenty of moisture. When given the right amount of sunlight and water this palm will grow even faster.

Ideal for people who live in humid climates, the Chinese fan palm can add beauty to any property. If you live in colder regions, you can successfully grow this palm in a pot indoors. It makes an attractive houseplant and a great conversation piece.

The Chinese palm doesn’t care which type of soil it is planted in and is drought resistant. This makes this palm tree perfect for those with less than perfect soil conditions.

Jelly Palm

An interesting-sounding palm tree, the Jelly palm is a great choice for those who live in zone 8. If you’re looking for a shorter palm variety, the Jelly palm is right for you. It only grows up to 25 feet in height which is much shorter than most palm trees on this list.

The Jelly palm does well in warmer climates as well as regions with colder weather. This palm doesn’t require much care, but it does bare and drop fruit, so some cleanup will be needed. However, the fruit of this palm can be made into jelly or turned into delicious wine.

This palm tree does best in well-drained soil and should be planted in partial to full sun.

Cabbage Palm

zone 8 palm trees

This strange-sounding palm tree is perfect for growing in zone 8. It is native to the southeastern part of America and can also be found in parts of Cuba and the Bahamas. The Cabbage palm is slow growing but can reach heights of 80 feet tall when fully developed. For those of you looking for a faster-growing palm, this variety is probably not for you. However, it is a beautiful palm that is very impressive looking.

The Cabbage palm loves humidity and does well in areas where moisture is plentiful. It can also be grown in drier climates however it will likely not grow as tall in those regions. This palm also can be grown in cooler climates but doesn’t thrive like it would in hotter regions.

Cabbage palm is one of the zone 8 palm trees that doesn’t mind poorly drained soils or drought. This is a versatile palm tree that is easy to care for and looks amazing when planted in the yard.

California Fan Palm

zone 8 palm trees

The California fan palm is a very popular tree that can be found growing throughout zone 8. This palm is fast-growing and perfect for anyone looking for a large tree to plant in the yard. It can grow up to 60 feet once it matures and has a thick trunk. If you plant this palm on your property, make sure you have plenty of space.

Designed to thrive in drier climates, the California fan palm does best in areas with low humidity. They are cold hardy and prefer full sun. The California fan palm does well in a variety of soil types as long as there isn’t too much moisture in the ground.

Saw Palmetto

Last but certainly not least on the list is the Saw palmetto. This small palm tree is native to many areas of the southeast, especially around the coastal regions of South Carolina and Florida. This palm tree grows in clumps and rarely reaches heights above 10 feet. The Saw palmetto is perfect for anyone looking for a low-growing palm.

The Saw palmetto loves humid climates and will not do well in areas with low moisture levels. So, if you are in the northern part of zone 8, you may not be able to successfully grow this variety. This palm does well in different soil types and doesn’t mind poor soil conditions. Plant Saw palmetto in partial sun for best results.

Zone 8 palm trees: Conclusion

If you have your heart set on growing zone 8 palm trees, you should give some of these a try. Each of the palm trees you have learned about above will add beauty and value to your property.