Zone 8 Fruit Trees: These Fruit Trees Thrive in Zone 8

If you live in the zone 8 hardiness area of the country, you might be wondering if you can plant fruit trees. Zone 8 is one of the best regions to grow fruit trees, and many varieties will thrive here.

Today you will learn what trees grow well in zone 8 so that you can add them to your property this growing season.

Zone 8 fruit trees

Peach Trees

zone 8 fruit trees

If you enjoy peaches, you will be happy to find that zone 8 is the perfect place to grow them. In many parts of the south, peaches are grown commercially. These beautiful trees also do well when grown in the backyard.

Peaches have been cultivated for many centuries, and there are many varieties to choose from. One variety that is highly recommended for zone 8 is the ranger peach.

This type of peach is well suited for home growers because it is easy to care for and can be planted in small areas. The fruit of the ranger peach is both sweet and juicy.

Plum Trees

zone 8 fruit trees

Plums are a favorite fruit for many people. Being able to grow your own plums during the summer months is a real treat. Plum trees are widely planted in zone 8, and they thrive if taken care of.

Plum trees come in a wide variety of types, so finding one to meet your growing needs won’t be difficult. One of the best plum varieties to grow in zone 8 is the Morris plum tree.

This fast-growing fruit tree will provide you with loads of sweet plums during harvest season. This variety is great for home growers because it does well in most conditions including clay soil and is drought tolerant.

Satsuma Trees

zone 8 fruit trees

It can be difficult to grow oranges in zone 8 due to the climate. However, there is one citrus tree that thrives in this part of the country.

Satsuma citrus trees look very much like most traditional orange trees and produce fruit that resembles the oranges you know and love. In most people’s opinion, Owari is the best variety of satsuma trees to grow in zone 8.

This variety has been grown commercially in zone 8 for many decades and is also a great variety for home growers. In the past satsuma, fruit trees were difficult to find but now they are readily available.

Lemon Trees

Leamon trees are known to be difficult to grow in zone 8. Much like traditional orange trees, they require a different climate that is not provided in this region of the country.

But if you want to grow lemons in vote 8, you are not totally out of luck. The Meyer is a variety of lemons that thrives in zone 8 and should be in your garden.

Meyer lemons trees can grow up to 10 feet in height, so make sure you give them plenty of room in the garden. These lemon trees produce thin-skinned fruit that is easy to peel and are very flavorful.

These lemon trees would make a great addition to your property and provide you with all the vitamin c you will ever need.

Cherry Trees

When you think of cherries, you don’t often think of zone 8. Most cherry trees do best in zones 4-6. These cherries grown in cooler climates produce sweet fruit that is commercially produced. If you’re looking to grow cherries in zone 8, you will do best by choosing sour varieties.

Sour cherry trees can thrive in zone 8, and one of the best varieties is the Bing cherry tree. This variety of cherry trees is a heavy producer that will provide you with loads of tart fruit.

The tree does well in full sun and needs to be pruned at least once a year. With proper care, Bing cherry trees will thrive in zone 8, which will surely impress your garden-loving friends.

Zone 8 fruit trees: Conclusion

Now that you know which zone 8 fruit trees to grow on your property, why not plant some this growing season.

Having fruit trees on your land will provide you with plenty of fresh food to eat during the summer months. These fruit trees will help you save money and add beauty to your property at the same time.

So, what are you waiting for? Plant some of these varieties today.