Why Is My Catmint Floppy? How to Revive Your Plant

Catmint is a perennial herb closely related to catnip, which is very popular among cat owners. Although they aren’t the same plant, they both come from the mint family and belong to the genus Nepeta. Are you wondering, “Why is my catmint floppy?” Keep reading to learn more.

Why Is My Catmint Floppy?

Why Is My Catmint Floppy

Catmint is known for its delicate, fragrant foliage and lavender, pink, or white flowers. It’s easy to take care of, but a few factors can impact the plant’s health. Here are some reasons your cat mint may be wilting:

It’s Not Getting Enough Sun 

One of the reasons your catmint might look a little floppy is that it’s not getting enough sunlight. The catmint plant does well in full sun, which means it needs six to eight hours of direct sunlight daily. 

If your catmint plant is not in a location that receives this much sun, it may not be able to sustain itself enough to hold itself up. Try relocating your plants to a sunnier spot. 

You’re Not Watering Properly 

Catmint isn’t demanding in terms of watering. It’s fairly low-maintenance. But too much carelessness can cause the plant to droop and flop.

If you water the plant too often, the soil will stay too wet, and the roots can rot. However, letting the plant stay dry for too long can also cause flopping. 

The best way to care for your catmint is to use well-draining soil and keep it moist – not wet. Don’t let it get dry between waterings, and adjust the frequency on hotter days to ensure it doesn’t dry out too quickly. 

It Has Bugs 

Catmints don’t have nearly as many issues as other plants, but they can suffer significantly from a nasty bug infestation. Insects like spider mites and thrips can destroy catmint plants very quickly. 

A bug infestation will not only cause your catmint to flop but will also make it turn brown and kill its flowers. If you notice these symptoms, you must act fast before your plant dies completely.

Invest in some effective and safe insecticidal soap to apply to your plant. This method works best for large infestations. You can continue protecting your plant by regularly applying insecticides and using traps and barriers around it.

You Have a Taller Variation 

If your catmint is floppy, you may not be doing anything wrong. Some variations of the catmint plant are simply so tall that they flop over from the weight of their flowers. Your plant is perfectly healthy – it’s just too tall.

Pruning can help manage the size of your catmint plant. It’s best to prune it when it reaches eight centimeters tall. Not only can this help control the height, but it can also encourage new growth each season. 

If you like your catmint tall or don’t want to cut back your blooms just yet, you can also try staking to help prop the plant up.

Final Thoughts

The best way to successfully plant and grow any kind of vegetation is to do your research about it beforehand. If you know how to care for it, you’re more likely to have success.

So, if you have catmint plants and they’re becoming floppy, it may be for one of the reasons above. Try adjusting your care measures according to these reasons and see if it helps perk your plant back up.