Why Are Owls Considered Wise? A Symbol of Wisdom

Owls are the most widely recognized bird in the world. They have a very distinct appearance and are recognizable by their large eyes and nocturnal lifestyle. Their wisdom is evident in their behavior, including a calm demeanor, intelligence, and a natural ability to see at night. You may be wondering, ‘why are owls considered wise?’

Owls are often seen as symbols of wisdom because of their innate intelligence, hunting ability, and excellent vision.

Many cultures have revered owls for their connection to the supernatural, with beliefs ranging from owl clans that live under people’s roofs to beings who foretell the future with their unblinking stares. Let’s look at why owls are considered wise. 

Why are owls considered wise

Why Are Owls Considered Wise?

Read on to learn more about why owls are associated with being wise and why you might see them as such in your own life:

Intelligence and Learning Ability

Owls have been revered for their intelligence and ability to learn new things throughout the ages. Humans have long admired owls for these traits—and they are some of the main reasons they are often seen as symbols of wisdom.

When it comes to owl intelligence, it’s hard to know where to begin. Owl intelligence is one of the most well-known examples of intelligence in the animal kingdom and is often used as a metaphor for the human intellect.

They’re one of the only birds observed to have the ability to fashion tools for hunting. They’re also one of only a few birds that can recognize themselves in a mirror.

Owls are also capable of impressive self-awareness, a rare quality in other animals. Their ability to recognize themselves in mirrors highlights their cognitive abilities and proves they possess self-awareness.

Self-awareness is a quality believed to be present in only a few species, including great apes, bottlenose dolphins, and humans.

Natural Vision

Like most birds, owls have color vision. Owls have adapted to be able to see at night, in the rain, and through fog. This allows them to sneak up on prey without being noticed and increases their chances of a successful hunt. As a result, owls are often associated with luck, stealth, and the ability to see clearly in any circumstance.

Natural Vision owls are also the most common type of owl found in the wild, making them plentiful and easily recognizable to humans. They can spot prey from up to 30 feet away, spot objects in complete darkness, and see underwater.

Their large eyes are also adapted to low light levels and are an excellent source of heat. All these features make them excellent predators as well as prey.

However, owls also have a more sensitive rod and cone system, which allows them to see in the ultraviolet spectrum. This allows owls to see other animals with ultraviolet markings like butterflies and moths, which owls actively hunt for food.

Hunting Ability

Why Are Owls Considered Wise?

Many owl species are known to hunt at night, which allows them to sneak up on their prey and make quick, silent attacks. This is thought to be one of the main reasons owls are associated with wisdom—and why they are often seen as symbols of protection as well.

Wisdom is generally associated with protection. If owls are symbols of wisdom, this might be because they naturally know how to protect themselves from dangers in the dark, such as stalking and trapping their prey.

Calm Demeanor

While owls are known for their hunting abilities, many species are also known for their calm demeanor. This allows owls to be stealthy and still be noticed by potential prey without being threats.

It is possible that this calm demeanor is what has made owls so popular as symbols of wisdom.

If an owl is wise, it may not make a sound or show any signs of emotion. However, if an owl is wise, then it is likely that the owl is quite calm and peaceful.


Many cultures see owls as being connected to beings with clairsentience, or “divine sight.” Beings with clairsentience are connected to seeing the future and are believed to be able to foretell the future with their unblinking stares.

Birds and other animals are known to have a “sixth sense,” which is connected to clairvoyance. By being able to see far and wide with their binocular vision, animals can also see things in three-dimensional space. This is known as tridimensionality and is thought to be connected to clairvoyance.

Protection From Evil Spirits and The Supernatural

Owls are associated with protection against the supernatural, such as evil spirits. Owl folklore often says that if you see an owl in the dark, it is a sign that there is a supernatural presence in the area. Similarly, if you see an owl during the day, it is a sign of a supernatural presence nearby.

Symbol of Loyalty and Staying Steadfast in the Face of Adversity

Why Are Owls Considered Wise?

As previously noted, owls are often seen as symbols of wisdom. This is likely because they are intelligent, see in the dark, and are associated with protection from the supernatural. These traits make an owl an excellent symbol for staying wise in the face of adversity.

One of the more appealing traits of owls is their ability to stay calm even during times of great adversity. This is one of the best traits for a symbol and makes owls excellent symbols of loyalty and steadfastness in the face of adversity.

When people face adversity, many turn to family and friends for support. But, when people feel isolated and alone, they often don’t want to be vulnerable and ask for help.

Owl behaviors, combined with their wisdom, calm demeanor, and connection to the supernatural, make them excellent symbols of loyalty and steadfastness in the face of adversity.

Why are owls considered wise: Conclusion

There are many reasons why owls are seen as symbols of wisdom. These birds are intelligent and see well at night, they are associated with protection from the supernatural, and they are associated with staying wise in the face of adversity.

If you have an owl as a symbol, you might find that the owl symbolizes wisdom—but also that the owl is more than happy to remind you that you are facing difficulty.

Hopefully, you have gained a new insight into why owls are associated with wisdom and why you may want to consider using one as a symbol for yourself.

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