White Flowers in Florida

Florida is a destination in the U.S.A with different growing climates. Southern Florida is subtropical, while the North is noted for hot summers and cool winters. Based on the U.S hardy zones, Florida falls between zones 8 to 10. So, if you are a gardener craving white flowers in summer, you need to get flowers that can put up with zone 8 to 10 conditions.

If you live in Florida and crave to have white flowers in your garden, you should try out the Sweet Allysum, Mountain Laurel, and Sweet magnolia. Also, Star Jasmine and Ornamental Onion are favored by weather conditions in Florida.

But that’s not all. Dozens of white flowers can be grown in Florida. Thus, a possible headache is in order when selecting the right flower. Anyhow, you can check this list to see what works well in your garden, and cross reference it with this list.

Mountain Laurel

Mountain laurel is noted by their emerald shrub appearance that reaches heights of feet. They bloom in late spring and keep the flowers for several weeks. Laurels are best when partnered with Rhododendrons due to their similarity in their foliage and flowers.

As anchors in large perennial edges, laurel shrubs are excellent choices for shrub edges. Forest landscapes can use it in shaded base plantings and various designs. Their blooms are not entirely white, thanks to the mild purplish tinge.

Since they thrive in zone four towards zone nine, they will be perfect for Florida gardens in zone 8 or 9. All they need is partial shade and moist, rich, acidic soils.

Sweet magnolia

White Flowers in Florida

The Star Magnolia is a tiny evergreen tree that can reach 20 feet in height. It has a convex cap and is occasionally utilized as a huge buried bush in the landscaping. Magnolia flowers take start forms and only appear in early spring before the shiny foliage emerges.

Since Magnolia trees are usually the first blooms to appear in every spring, they are the heart and soul of Florida gardeners. Just shortly, when the winter is gone, star magnolia emerges with pretty white blooms.

Lastly, they need moist, fertile well-draining soils and a partial shade. Expect them to thrive in Florida regions that fall under zone 8.

Star Jasmine

White Flowers in Florida

When it gets to Jasmine, there are two options the Sweet autumn clematis and the Star jasmine. But the latter is invasive, ruling out star jasmine to bet the best option. start jasmine white blossoms are marked with a distinct aroma

Additionally, star jasmine is a tiny vine featuring shiny evergreen foliage on earthy colored stalks that grows to approximately 6 feet. When nearing the summer months, it bursts with white blooms that look like the stars from a distance. It is frequently potted or added to patios.

Star Jasmine is a versatile plant and will grow to spray your garden with fragrance anywhere in Florida. That is zones 8 to ten. Nonetheless, you have to provide moist, fertile soils with good drainage.

Sweet Allysum

A field of white alyssum planted with low creeping plants creates neutrality, allowing other flowers to glow. Alternately, asylums can be used as temporary land covering during cooler months if grown alone. Sweet alyssums are classified as annuals in most areas, although they are perennial in hotter areas.

They are not lovers of hot summers. It’s wise to take them inside when it gets too hot in the summer and replant them in fall. Still, they can be shredded with the hot summer conditions and left to regrow in fall.

The white alyssum might not be ideal for Florida gardeners who love to grow fresh and colorful plants or perennial lovers. However, if you want your property to appear like a billion dollars in the summers, then the alyssum should be given a spot in your garden.

Sweet Allysum can grow in Florida regions under zone 9 or 10. Remember to plant them in spots where they get moisture-rich soils and full sunlight

White Flowers in Florida: Wrapping up

Undoubtedly, growing any plant in Florida means you have taken a lot of consideration, let alone growing white flowers. The best thing is to understand the zone that you fall in. That is within zone 8 to 11. Once done, you can cross-check with the above list to see the best white flowers that can thrive in your garden.

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