Where To Hang Hummingbird Houses: Tips and Tricks

Hummingbirds are amazing creatures to have to live in your garden. Not only are hummingbirds beautiful to look at, but these birds are also important pollinators that support the health of your local environment. Knowing where to hang hummingbird houses is essential to successfully attracting hummingbirds to your garden.

Hanging your hummingbird house in the correct spot can ensure that your feathered friends have a safe and hospitable place to call home.

Where To Hang Hummingbird Houses

Where To Hang Hummingbird Houses

Several places around your home can work well to hang hummingbird houses. If you are unsure where to hang hummingbird houses, look for locations that will provide the birds with shelter and easy access to food. 

Under the Eaves of Your House

Hummingbirds are drawn to homes where they can feel safe from predators and the natural elements. The space under the eaves of your house gives hummingbirds shelter from wind, rain, and harsh sunlight. 

Furthermore, the height of the roof will keep the hummingbird house a comfortable distance away from any potential predators. 

Covered Porch

Where To Hang Hummingbird Houses

Like the eaves of your house, covered porches are also an excellent location to hang a hummingbird house. If you have a covered porch, hanging up a hummingbird house can be a great way to bring some extra life to your outdoor space.

Hummingbirds will love the security of a covered nest, and you’ll love getting an up-close view of gorgeous birds on your porch. To enhance your hummingbird house environment, try setting up a flower box on your porch with pollinator-friendly plants. 

On a Sturdy Branch

You can also hang a hummingbird house on a sturdy tree branch. This is a good location option for a hummingbird house if you prefer the birds to gather in your yard rather than near your house. 

When choosing an appropriate tree to hang a hummingbird house, look for a tree with strong, thick branches that can support the structure’s weight. The tree should provide plenty of shelter from sun and rain. You may need to check the tree first to ensure that there are no predators already living in or around the tree. 

Outside Hanger

If there are no existing locations on your property that are appropriate for hanging hummingbird houses, you can purchase a standalone hanger. 

A quality hummingbird house hanger should be tall enough that the hummingbirds will be safe from ground-dwelling predators. Be sure to place the hummingbird house hanger under a shaded area where the birds can take shelter, either under a roof or a tree.

Hummingbird House Tips

Where To Hang Hummingbird Houses


Convincing hummingbirds to build a nest on your property takes more than knowing where to hang hummingbird houses. Here are some easy tips for creating a welcoming space for hummingbirds. 

Watch Out for Hummingbird Predators

Hummingbirds are vulnerable to several natural predators. Keep an eye out for snakes and small mammals that frequent your property. If you have a pet cat or dog, you may need to set up your hummingbird house in a location that the pet can’t access, as hummingbirds will usually steer clear of areas where they see animals. 

Avoid Pesticides

You will need to avoid using pesticides in your gardening if you want your yard to be a safe hummingbird environment. Remember that any chemical that could kill a bug will likely also harm a bird. 

Plan Feeder Locations Carefully

Be judicious about where you place bird feeders. If you have too many bird feeders, your yard will become too crowded with birds, and the hummingbirds won’t want to stay permanently. One or two strategically placed bird feeders should be enough.

You can also plant the types of flowers hummingbirds like, such as Zinnias and hibiscus

Final Thoughts

Once you know where to hang hummingbird houses in your yard, you are well on your way to creating a magical pollinator garden.