When to Plant Tomatoes in Washington State

Tomatoes are well known for the health benefits they provide for humans. They also for playing a big role in many cultures thanks to their unique taste and flavor.

Tomatoes are extremely high in lycopene, which is why they are linked to the improvement of heart health, cancer prevention, and a good protector against sunburns, making them a considerable choice for those who want to create a healthy diet.

When to Plant Tomatoes in Washington State

Planting tomatoes is not necessarily difficult, however, it is important to follow the recommendations on the type of soil, temperatures, and weather in climate zones to achieve better results.

Gardening in the Washington state comes with a lot of interesting experiences, as this state counts with certain special conditions. This article will discuss when to plant tomatoes in Washington State.

When to Plant Tomatoes in Washington State:

When to Plant Tomatoes in Washington State

1.- Washington’s Climate Zones:

Washington’s weather is a challenge for many gardeners. That is why before even thinking about growing or planting any tomatoes. It is wise to discover everything about Washington climate zones and the last frost time.

In the USDA scale, Washington is in a range between 6a (east) to 9a (west), showing how unstable and unbalanced temperatures are in this region. Since tomatoes require soil temperatures to reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it is important to avoid frost dates at all costs.

Washington doesn’t have very balanced climate zones as it features a temperate Mediterranean climate. Expect dry summers and extremely cold winters with temperatures that reach levels lower than 20 degrees Fahrenheit in coastal regions.

However, the situation gets worse in the central and westerly regions, where the temperature can reach temperatures lower than -30 degrees Fahrenheit, and none of these conditions are ideal for planting tomatoes at all.

1.5.- Last Frost Time in Washington State:

Keeping track of time is a valuable strategy in gardening, and it will deliver outstanding results when things such as the last frost time are known and understood. In the case of Washington’s last frost time, it is difficult to determine a specific date, which is why is common to see different data on many websites.

Thanks to nature acting as it pleases, last frost times can only be approximated or estimated, so you could always experience the case when frost dates require more time to go away. Due to Washington’s unique weather and climate zone, the last frost time is different depending on the city, so here is what it looks like in the most “important” cities in Washington:

Bellevue: March 20th.
Tacoma: March 28th.
Vancouver: April 3rd.
Seattle: April 6th.
Spokane: May 10th.

Just keep in mind that these dates could end up being earlier or arrive later in the next years as these just work as a prediction, so do not overstress yourself by trying to plant everything at the same moment when the last frost time arrives, it is never an exact measurement.

2.- When is the Best Time to Plant Tomatoes in Washington?

Even if tomatoes are “easy” to plant, this does not mean that they can be planted whenever you want. Hundreds of gardeners have ended up disappointed in their tomatoes with results that were not expected. Blight, rot, and bad/unusual weather in Washington might be the reasons why your tomatoes might not look as healthy as others.

That is why the best time to plant tomatoes should be in every spring 6 weeks before the last frost time in Washington to obtain the next conditions. Sow the tomatoes seeds and then if your area features weather that starts warm, gets warmer, and stays balanced until the tomatoes mature, then everything will be a piece of cake.

Sadly in Washington, this could not work at all due to the previously explained unbalanced weather conditions. But it is not like you could not do anything on the matter, instead, do not try to just learn the best time to plant tomatoes, you could follow some measures to make sure that the final products end up becoming what you wanted.

3.- Strategies to Prepare for Planting Tomatoes at the Best Conditions:

First of all, you must know that tomatoes really enjoy soils that reach temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Late and early planted tomatoes usually end up becoming the same thing, so do not overstress yourself if you happen to forget or pass the range of 6 weeks before the last frost time, there will be enough time for your tomatoes.

Remember that tomatoes require plenty of water, but try to keep water off the leaves to avoid increasing the risk of developing fungal infections or drowning the tomatoes.

When to Plant Tomatoes in Washington State: Final thoughts

Finally, it would be ideal to make thew tomatoes get a minimum of 6 hours of sun with the most possible heat, to do so, there are many magnificent gadgets and creations like raised beds that can get reflected heat by placing them inclined near a wall.

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