When To Plant Potatoes in Oregon? The Essential Guide

If you like to spend time in your garden, you’ll probably find joy in growing veggies in your yard. It is a way to enjoy the fruits of your efforts and eat much tastier food than the one you can purchase at the supermarket. You may be wondering, ‘When To Plant Potatoes in Oregon?’

Growing a vegetable garden goes beyond watering your plants. It requires planning, proper care, and keeping an eye out for pests and diseases (and course, taking suitable action to contain them).

If you are new to home gardening, potatoes are an excellent option (and if you aren’t, they are just fun to grow!).

When To Plant Potatoes in Oregon?

Under the ideal conditions, these veggies emerge in little time and grow fast. Also, they are not as fussy about the soil conditions as other plants. And you can harvest and store potatoes for long periods without processing them.

But one of the keys to getting successful crops is to plant them at the right time of the year. If you wonder when to plant potatoes in Oregon, keep reading.

You’ll find all the information you need to grow these delicious veggies in your region!

When to Plant Potatoes in Oregon: All You Need to Know

When To Plant Potatoes in Oregon?

The best time of the year to plant potatoes in Oregon is from March till mid-June. But keep an eye on your local weather.

Usually, gardeners in the western parts of the state tend not to plant before early May because the climate can get wet during early spring. Also, don’t forget that the ideal time of the year to plant potatoes depends on the variety you select for your garden.

Logically, the earlier you plant, the earlier you’ll get harvests. However, transplanting outside a variety that needs warmer temperatures too early might cause seed decay, which means you may never get any crops.

Similarly, planting your potatoes too late might result in your plants never producing a harvest before the first fall frost.

Don’t forget that potatoes won’t survive at temperatures below 50F. If spring is colder than other years, wait longer before planting your crops. To be safe, only plant your potatoes if there hasn’t been a frost for two weeks!

But what can you do to grow potatoes in Oregon successfully? Jump to the following sections to learn more about growing these veggies in your region!

How To Grow Potatoes in Oregon: All You Need to Know

Potatoes aren’t challenging vegetables to grow. However, you’ll have to recreate the ideal conditions for their growth to get satisfactory results.

For instance, potatoes are heavy feeders: they need fertile soils, better is loamy or sandy. If necessary, amend your soil with organic fertilizers: it will help you maximize yields and the quality of your crops.

We suggest you purchase high-quality and slow-release products for the best results.

Also, avoid overdoing it with fertilizers: most of the time, too many nutrients will cause more harm than good.

If you live in central Oregon, you probably need a product with less phosphorous than if you live in the West. Consider carrying out a soil test before buying a product to ensure you can give your potatoes what they need.

If you prefer using compost or manure, go ahead. But don’t forget that too much organic matter might cause diseases and promote scabs on most white-skin potato varieties.

To ensure high quality in your crops and a good harvest, don’t forget to engage with weed control: you can do so mechanically by rototilling. Such a method will also contribute to aerating the soil. If you can, avoid using chemical products: you might harm other crops and make them less safe to eat.

Of course, watering is crucial to keep your potatoes healthy: they usually need about two inches of water per week. Increase watering during the hottest months of the year but don’t overdo it to prevent root rot and other diseases.

What Potato Varieties do Best in Oregon?

There are different potato varieties you can choose for your garden. Select one that does well in your USDA hardiness zone for best results.

For instance, Oregon has the ideal conditions for growing Norgold Russets, which produce high yields and mature slightly later than other varieties.

Alternatively, the Kennebec is an excellent all-purpose potato that does well in most parts of Oregon. But beware: it might be susceptible to scab and other diseases if you don’t give it the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Russet Burbank is a late-maturing variety that produces medium to high yields of large tubers. If you like french fries, this is arguably your best choice.

Of course, you can choose among many more varieties for your garden. These are just our suggestions: don’t be afraid to experiment with others!

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