When to Plant Potatoes in Oklahoma: Tips and Tricks

The best time to plant potatoes in Oklahoma is between early April and late May. This is when temperatures begin to warm up, making it easier for the plants to grow and develop. However, there are a few factors that should be taken into consideration before planting potatoes. Let’s look at when to plant potatoes in Oklahoma. We’ll discuss which factors to consider before planting your crop. 

When to plant potatoes in Oklahoma?

When to Plant Potatoes in Oklahoma

It’s best to plant potatoes in the spring after the threat of frost has passed. A fall crop can also be planted, as long as they have time to mature before the first frost date.

Here are some things to consider before planting potatoes:


First, it’s important to consider the soil conditions. Make sure that your soil is moist and rich in nutrients. If the soil conditions are too dry, the plants may struggle to grow. 

Additionally, ensure that you’re planting potatoes at least a foot apart from each other, so they have enough space to develop properly. Potatoes can be grown from seed potatoes which should be arranged indoors in a tray until they sprout, this can be done in the early spring, and the potatoes can then be planted once the threat of frost has passed. 


When to Plant Potatoes in Oklahoma


Next, check the temperature of your area. Potatoes are not frost tolerant and need the soil to be at least 50°F before they can be planted. You should therefore plant your potatoes after the last frost date in your area. If you plant your seed potatoes too early, they may be affected by the cold and not germinate. 

  • The last frost date in Oklahoma City is the 3rd of April
  • Tulsa’s last frost date is the 4th of April
  • Norman: April 8thBroken Arrow 11th April
  • Lawton and surrounding area April 3rd

To ensure that your potatoes get enough warmth, you should consider covering them with mulch or some other protective material. This will help keep heat in and protect the pants from extreme temperatures.

If you plan to plant a late crop of potatoes, you can plant them in the fall. However, you’ll need to check how long it will take for the variety of potatoes to grow to maturity and produce a crop. You’ll need to give the potatoes time to grow and be harvested before the first frost of the year. In general, it takes approximately 110 days for potatoes to grow, from planting to harvest.

Here are the first frost dates for various places in Oklahoma: 

  • The first frost date in Oklahoma City is November 3rd
  • Tulsa: November 1st
  • Norman October 27th
  • Broken Arrow October 23rd
  • Lawton November 1st 

The above dates are just estimates as mother nature can bring frost slightly earlier or later than expected. Some years will be colder than others.  


It’s important to consider the amount of rainfall. While potatoes need adequate water to thrive, they also need some dry periods to ensure that the plants don’t get too much water and rot in the ground. Make sure you track rainfall levels in your area and adjust planting times accordingly. 

You can, however, water your potatoes deeply after planting to help encourage germination. Potatoes that have been planted in the spring will be ready to harvest in the late summer or early fall. 


These are just a few tips on when to plant potatoes in Oklahoma. By considering soil conditions, temperature levels, frost dates, and rainfall amounts, you can ensure that your potatoes are planted at the right time for optimal growth. 

With enough patience and care, you can enjoy a successful harvest of delicious potatoes!