When to Cut Holly for Christmas?

Holly is a lovely Christmas plant that can be used along with mistletoe, ivy, and rosemary to create wreaths and other festive decorations. If you have holly growing in your yard or your local area, you may be considering creating a Christmas wreath to hang in your home or on your front door. You don’t want to cut holly too soon, as you need it to last until Christmas day, and maybe wondering when the best time to cut holly is.

Let’s look at when to cut holly for Christmas? We’ll discuss the best time to make wreaths and decorations based on how long holly is likely to last, as well as some festive superstitions.

Cut your holly for Christmas no earlier than December 11’th

Cutting Holly for Christmas

When to Cut Holly for Christmas

After being cut, holly will start to perish, especially if it isn’t kept in water and is in a warm environment. The look and quality of the Holly leaves will begin to deteriorate once it’s been removed from the holly bush. Holly starts to lose moisture and defoliates due to the heat.

There are a few things that you can do to help prolong the life of the holly you cut, including following correct harvesting and storage procedures. Holly will generally last for between seven and ten days. If it’s kept outside in cool temperatures or added to a flower display in a vase and has access to water, it will last up to two weeks. Holly can also be cut and kept in the fridge for between two and three weeks.

It’s best to harvest holly about a week before Christmas or up to two weeks if you plan to make a wreath that will be hung outdoors in a cold environment. Look for the best holly branches for your decorations. Choosing holly that’s healthy to start with will help to prolong the life of your decorations.

Healthy holly has leaves that look nice and green and shiny. It will also have berries that are ripe and leaves that are free of blemishes and scratches. It’s best to cut the holy when the temperature is cool but above freezing. Avoid cutting holly in the wind or when the sun is strong, as this can cause the holly to dry out quickly.

After bringing the holly home, you should wash the leaves to get rid of dust or insects. Cut the stems at an angle and submerge them in water. You can also use a flower feed on holly to help prolong its life.

Why is Holly used in Christmas Decorations?

How Long does Holly last

Holly is used in decorations across the world at Christmas time to represent the crown of thorns worn by Jesus while he was being crucified. The red berries on holly represent the blood he lost.

Holly is also seen as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. It has been used during the holiday season in ancient cultures to symbolize immortality, good health, and fortune. It’s considered bad luck to remove holly from your decorations before Epiphany Eve, which is the 5th of January. It’s also bad luck to burn holly, so it’s best to compost your Christmas decorations rather than throwing the holly leaves on your fire.


Cut your holly for Christmas no earlier than December 11’th.  That’ll keep it looking fresh just through Christmas day.

Holly can last up to two weeks after being cut, depending on how its arranged, the temperature, and whether it has access to water. Cutting holly one or two weeks before Christmas will allow you to have a wreath or decorations for the festive season.