When Do Plumeria Bloom in California? A Growers Guide

Plumerias are stunning tropical shrubs that can bring color into your California yard or home. But since these plants grow in USDA zones 10b to 11, some people must keep them indoors, placing them outside during the summer months if they choose.

Read on to learn about the different bloom times for plumerias according to where you live in California.

When Do Plumeria Bloom in Northern California?

When Do Plumeria Bloom in California?

Plumeria bloom in the summer months in northern California. These shrubs rely on the length of daylight to determine when they should go through their growth and dormant cycles.

Since plumerias can’t handle weather under 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you must keep this shrub as an indoor or an indoor and outdoor plant.

Most people living in northern California leave their plumerias outside day and night during the summer. That way, their plant has access to lots of direct sunlight, which will help spark their blooms.

When keeping your plumeria indoors and outdoors in northern California, it’s best to place them by a south-facing wall. That way, they’ll have the best chance of enjoying the sun and soaking in more heat.

When Do Plumeria Bloom in Central California?

When Do Plumeria Bloom in California

If you live in central California, you can expect your plumeria to bloom in the summer and last through the fall. That said, you’ll get to enjoy longer blooms the lower in elevation you live.

Keep in mind that plumerias usually take a few years to start blooming. So, don’t get discouraged if your shrub is under three years old and isn’t blooming yet.

The important part is to be careful to bring your plumeria inside once the nightly temperatures dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and keep them in an area with full sun both inside and outside.

As long as you follow these basic principles, which are essential for blooming, you can expect your plumeria to produce flowers eventually.

When Do Plumeria Bloom in Southern California?

Southern California is the best place to grow plumeria in the state, as these shrubs will bloom consistently from March to October.

Socal’s year-round sun makes it ideal for plumerias, but it isn’t until the weather starts heating up in March that this plant begins budding. In fact, as with northern and central California, you can expect your plumeria to drop its leaves during the winter months.

We recommend fertilizing your plumeria in southern California in late February. That way, it’ll have the nutrients it needs to produce flowers the following month.

Final Thoughts

It’s possible to grow plumeria plants regardless of where you live in California, although the blooming times and length of time you’ll get to enjoy their blossoms vary. Depending on the species, you might get to enjoy up to 200 flowers per cluster.

To give your plumeria the best chance of success in blooming, you should stop watering it once it goes dormant. After your shrub grows leaves in the spring, it’s safe to water it occasionally.

Finally, we can’t stress enough the importance of sunlight. If your plumeria doesn’t receive six to eight hours of sunlight per day, the chances of it blooming are slim.