When Do Hibiscus Come Back: A Growth and Blooming Guide

Are you wondering when hibiscus starts regrowing after the winter? Or when to expect blooms and new growth. Though most gardeners don’t realize it, there are two types of hibiscus plants: the cold-hardy, perennial Hibiscus varieties and tropical hibiscuses, which are often grown as one-year, two-season plants. Each type of hibiscus has slightly different growth habits, but they both grow well in zones 5 to 9. So, the answer to when do hibiscus come back after the winter depends on whether you’re talking about tropical or cold hardy varieties.

When do hibiscus come back?

When Do Hibiscus Come Back

Here’s what to expect when growing tropical hibiscus and the cold hardy variety. 

Tropical hibiscus

If you have a tropical hibiscus, which is usually treated as an annual or two-season plant and planted in the spring, it won’t usually regrow after winter. This is because tropical hibiscus stems die yearly, leaving behind bare roots. So, if your tropical hibiscus has finished blooming and died back, you can simply cut the top of the plant. Then, wait until early spring to replant a new hibiscus after your last frost date.

Alternatively, you can grow a tropical hibiscus as a house plant and move it outdoors in the winter. This will help keep the plant alive, even when the weather is cooler outdoors. Tropical hibiscus grown as a house plant will be less likely to become dormant and, if they do, will start regrowing in the spring. 

Hardy perennial hibiscus

If you have a hardy perennial Hibiscus variety, which is often grown as a shrub or tree in zones 5 to 9, you’ll usually get new growth and bloom by early or mid-spring. The stems of hardy hibiscus plants die back every fall and winter, but they have an interesting trait that allows them to regrow right away in spring.

Instead of sending out new shoots from their roots, hardy hibiscus plants will grow new shoots from the rhizomes, which are basically underground stems and roots. So, after your hardy hibiscus dies back in fall and winter, you can cut it down to about 8 inches tall in mid-to late winter. They will then start to regrow in the early spring as the weather starts to improve.

When do hardy hibiscus flowers bloom?

When Do Hibiscus Come Back

If you have a hardy hibiscus, you can expect blooms from mid-summer through fall. If your plant isn’t flowering in early or mid-summer, it may need more sunlight or warmth. 

Hibiscus flowers usually don’t last long in very hot climates and zones where summers are especially hot. Ensure your plant gets enough light, water, and fertilizer to improve its health and help it produce flowers.

How to care for a hibiscus during winter?

If you live in a cold climate or zone where hardy hibiscus are winter-hardy, you don’t need to do anything special to care for your plant during the cooler months of fall and winter. However, if you’re worried about your plant you can protect it from freezing weather by covering the plant with a frost cloth or other light cover.

However, if you live in a warmer climate and are growing a tropical hibiscus variety, you’ll either need to grow the plant as an annual and cut it back in the fall or winter. Alternatively, bring your plant indoors for overwintering.


So, when do hibiscus come back after the winter? The answer depends on your plant type and whether it’s a tropical or hardy variety. Whether you have a tropical hibiscus or hardy hibiscus, giving your plant the right amount of sunlight and water for healthy blooms and growth is important.