When Do Dogwood Trees Bloom in Michigan?

Dogwood trees are attractive plants that display showy white or pink flowers during the spring. They are considered a four-season display of beauty because of their gloss summery leaves of brilliant green color and variegated with white or yellow stripes, the production of colorful berries in the autumn, and the graceful bark resembling scales that becomes visible during the wintertime.

If you decide to plant one at home, you may be happy to learn that they are relatively easy to grow and maintain. Most people regard them as the ultimate small specimen tree for the large white blooms. But when do dogwood trees bloom in Michigan, their native land? Keep reading to find the answer to your question and more.

If you are keen on having this tree blossom at home, the good news is that dogwood trees are among the earliest trees to showcase their flowers in the spring.

When Do Dogwood Trees Bloom in Michigan


Blooms appear on Dogwood trees in Michigan any time between March and May and can last as long as three to four weeks.


Dogwoods can reach up to 30 feet in height, but most tend to stop growing at 15 feet. They are slow growers and the ideal low-maintenance landscape trees. In nature, this tree grows in mixed hardwood forests and at the edge of pine forests. If you decide to plant one at home, remember that it prefers acidic soil rich in nutrients and moisture. Indeed, alkaline soil might damage the tree, causing its leaves to turn yellow. Dogwoods can tolerate sun and shade, making them a versatile addition to most gardens.

You can find many varieties of dogwoods. While that might be overwhelming, make sure you select the one suited to your climate and soil conditions to make sure it will thrive in your garden. When planting a dogwood in Michigan, ensure it comes from a northern climate and withstands lower temperatures.


When Do Dogwood Trees Bloom in Michigan

One of the best things about these beautiful trees is that they require little maintenance. As they have a naturally beautiful shape, you won’t have to worry too much about pruning. All you need to do is ensure they get adequate amounts of water, and you can expect these trees to establish quickly in your yard. Fertilizing, when done wrong, could kill these plants. It is often safer to apply it only starting from its second or third season.

Also, while pretty sturdy, dogwoods are susceptible to anthracnose. To prevent them from causing damage, make sure you keep your tree well-watered and provide it with good air circulation.

When Do Dogwood Trees Bloom in Michigan: The Bottom Line

You can expect dogwood trees to live for around 30 years, during which you can enjoy stunning white blossoms during the spring. Not only that, but during the autumn, you will be able to have a stunningly vivid red tree in your yard with attractive berries. When they say dogwoods can display all-year-round beauty, they don’t lie. Only make sure you provide your tree with what it needs to thrive. For instance, soil conditions must be optimal for this tree to establish and be healthy. Plus, you may want to shelter it from strong winds and deep frosts.