When Can I Plant Flowers in Chicago?

Flowers add a sense of beauty and color to your home as they enhance the landscape of both the front and back yards, making your home a center of interest for visitors who will always wish to come back again. You may be wondering, ‘when can I plant flowers in Chicago?’

However, planting flowers is usually not an easy task. There are several critical considerations that go into establishing a successful flower garden, and one of the most vital ones is timing.

when can i plant flowers in chicago

Determining when to plant flowers in your garden will help you get flower blooms just right on time. If you are considering growing flowers in your Chicago garden, this article will help you determine the right time to plant beautiful lilies and other flowers in your yards.

When to plant flowers in Chicago

when can i plant flowers in chicago

The right time to plant perennials and annuals in Chicago is often after the last frost date. On average, Chicago experiences its last frost fall around May 10.

However, it is still important to check the gardening calendar and the weather forecasts because it is not guaranteed that the last frost will occur between May 1and 10.

These dates are an average based on weather data, not always constant for all years, which makes it imperative for the gardener to be conversant with weather forecasts every year.

Along with noting the last frost dates, it is equally important to know when Chicago experiences the first frost fall. Typically, the first frost is expected around 21-30 September.

You can plant flowers that can withstand light frost and cold temperatures a few days after the last frost fall.

However, for those that are not cold tolerant, you should wait until the soil has warmed up and the dangers of frost have passed, which is mostly estimated to be around two weeks after the last frost date.

For quick seed germination, it is encouraged to plant flowers outside when it is overcast, and it is forecasted to be cloudy or rainy the next day.

In Chicago, many gardeners start their flowers indoors during the last months of winter to beat the limited growing season.

Starting flower seedlings indoors helps ensure that your flowers bloom early in spring and potentially throughout the summer, depending on the flowers you grow.

When it comes to growing flowers, the most critical thing is to wait until the dangers of frost have passed before your plant. Cautious gardeners often wait to plant flowers after Memorial day. Flowers planted during this time of the year will still bloom in time, giving your garden color.

If you grow perennials, you may want to take them indoors when frost threatens.

Flowers that grow well in Chicago

Whether you are a first-time flower gardener in Chicago, or a veteran gardener wishing to add new species and color to your garden, it is imperative to determine the flower types that thrive here.

Many flowers in commercial flower gardens appear beautiful and captivating, but they may not thrive in your Chicago flower garden.

If you are starting the flowers indoors by yourself, follow the planting guidelines of each flower species you buy.

On the other hand, if you opt for transplants, select those that are healthy and follow the transplant guidelines you will be given.

Here are some of the flowers that thrive in Chicago:

  • Hellebore
  • Ninebark
  • Climbing rose
  • Hyssop
  • Arrowwood
  • Cornflower
  • Hollyhock
  • Smooth hydrangea
  • Garden Phlox
  • Red columbine
  • New England aster
  • Butterfly weed
  • Prairie smoke
  • Hot lips turtlehead
  • Blue rap juniper
  • Bridal wreath spirea
  • Geraniums

These flowers have a reputation for growing well in Chicago. When planted at the right time, they will bloom on time to add color to your garden or yard. You can plant them individually in a garden or mix them for more captivating looks. If you have a limited lawn, do not worry.

Most of these flowers grow well when grown in pots, beautifying the interiors while adding a sense of fresh, natural air inside the house.

Of importance, ensure you perform all the maintenance practices to your newly planted flowers to ensure they grow healthy and produce as many flowers as possible.

When can I plant flowers in Chicago: Conclusion

If you anticipate becoming a flower gardener in Chicago, hopefully, this post gives you a sense of when you can plant flowers and what flowers are more likely to thrive in your garden.

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