What to Plant in July Zone 6

Did you miss planting your garden in the spring? Don’t worry; July is still a great time to start a vegetable garden.

While the month of July usually presents the hottest days of the growing season, it is not too late to plant veggies and herbs. There are plenty of warm-season vegetables and ornamentals that you can grow during this time and harvest. Planting in July is the key to a continuous harvest – you squeeze out a second harvest time while refreshing and brightening gardens that no longer look their best.

If you live in zone 6 and are looking for what to plant during summer, this post will cover plantings that you can add to your garden in July and still harvest.

When it comes to planting in July, the trick is ensuring you plant when you have enough time left before a frost, especially if you’re growing from the seeds.

Here is what to plant in July in zone 6:

1. Cucumbers

what to plant in July zone 6

Cucumbers are fast growers, and a second planting in July is sure to do well in your garden. Even better, during this time of the year, many cucumber pests will have started to wind down.

As for varieties, compact bush cucumber plants take up less room in your garden and produce an abundance of fruits for a fall harvest.

2. Zucchini

what to plant in July zone 6

Summer squash varieties are perfect for succession planting, and several varieties do well when planted in early July.

Zucchini is easy to grow and matures quickly. When you plant them in early July, fruits will be ready for harvesting from early September until October when frost freezes the plants. This means you can still have a good harvest.

In place of zucchini, you can consider other summer squash varieties like pattypan and crookneck.

3. Kale

what to plant in July zone 6

July is the perfect time to plant kale for an impressive harvest in the fall. You can transplant or grow them from seeds; either way, you are sure to harvest.

Importantly, you will want to wait until fall for the sweetest harvest. Frost is believed to improve the taste of kale leaves.

4. Green beans

what to plant in July zone 6

Green beans love warm soils and have a considerably short growing time, maturing after about 60 to 70 days. When you plant them in early July, you can be sure to start harvesting no later than mid-September.

To get a great harvest, consider bush beans because they mature relatively quickly compared to pole beans.

5. Green onions


July is indisputably too late for bulb onions, but you can still grow green onions and get a good harvest. Typically, green onions mature after only 60 days, meaning you will have harvested them before frost freezes the plants.

If you are transplanting, make sure to plant them around 3 inches deep. That way, they will last into fall, and you will be able to use the cut and come again method.

6. Peas

Snow peas and shelling peas do well when planted early- through mid-July. When planted at this time, they can give a sizable harvest starting from late September. Even so, expect the yields to be less.

7. Summer crisp lettuces

While lettuce is generally hard to grow in the summer, several summer lettuce varieties will grow perfectly well when planted in July. What’s more, most summer lettuce varieties resist tip burn and bolting

Importantly, if you plant lettuce in July, you will have to water the seeds until they germinate and continue watering for the plants to establish themselves.

8. Sweet corn

If you didn’t manage to plant your favorite corn in spring, you could still plant corn in July and harvest as long as you choose the short-season variety. There are sweet corn varieties that mature in 60 days and do well in full sun.

Other plants to consider

  • Carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Beets
  • Moss Rose
  • Garlic
  • Pentas

What to plant in July zone 6: Conclusion

Deciding what to plant, especially in July, can be tricky. While this time of the year is usually too late and hot to grow most plants, it doesn’t mean there is absolutely nothing to plant.

If you live in zone 6 and are contemplating what to plant in July. hopefully, this post will help you make a decision. Before planting, it is worth noting that some veggies and herbs may need extra care when planted at this time.

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