What to do with Tree Stumps: 12 Most Creative Tree Stump Ideas

Give an old tree a new lease in life by using its tree stump. Below, we outline 12 creative, entertaining and ingenious ways on what to do with tree stumps. Read on if you’re wondering what to do with tree stumps.


A Rustic Indoor Coffee Table

what to do with tree stumps

Think twice about throwing out that wide or large stump- it can still be used as a conversation piece in your living room.

You can fashion a tree stump into an elegant or rustic coffee table several ways. You can seal or polish it beforehand or fashion it as is, then attach the legs or smoothen the base out. Plunk it down the designated spot, add a flower vase and a book and you’ll have comments from friends and visitors in no time.

Sculpt into Something Fantastic

what to do with tree stumps

Wood is a pliable material and looks great as a sculpture. What’s great about this idea is that you can use your imagination or fit the sculpture to suit your whim or fancy, or as part of a landscape theme or focal point in your yard.

You may need to hire a chainsaw artist or wood sculptor to do the work you want. You can convert an ordinary stump into a bear, an owl or something unique, like a gnome house. Afterwards you can decorate or add things as necessary to complete the effect.

A Wooden Checker or Tic Tac Toe Board

what to do with tree stumps

The stump you’re supposed to throw away can be converted into a classic board game. Smoothen out the surface or add a wider circular piece, then decorate it with a hashtag for tic tac toe and more if you want to make it into a checkerboard.

You can use natural material for the game pieces, such as smooth stones painted in different colors or insects such as bees or ladybugs, among others.

Build a Fairy House

what to do with tree stumps

Fairies in movies often live in stump houses, and you can do the same in real life. Your imagination is the only limit to making this possible (and maybe a lot of different and bright-colored paint).

Convert into a Birdbath or Feeder

If you love having birds in your yard then this project is a must. Don’t cut the stump short; instead, make it a bit higher than usual so birds can easily see your home feature.

Add a smooth slab of stone and then a wide and large bowl for a birdbath. Alternatively, you can hang bird feeders on hooks or right on top of the stump. Then sit back, relax and let nature come to you.

An Organic Planter

Plant enthusiasts won’t mind having an additional planter or two. Your tree stump can be fashioned into an organic and natural planter that can hold a variety of specimens, including succulents and flowering ones.

Hollow out the inside of the stump to the size you want, then fill it with organic matter or garden soil. You can even create several draining holes at the bottom side. Show off your artistic work and it can become a small feature in your garden.

Your Own Wooden Throne


Anyone can make a chair out of a stump, but it takes a special few to craft a throne that’s fit for a king.

The bigger the stump, the grander the throne. If there’s enough material you can have a chainsaw artist sculpt a themed throne or chair that you like, such as a stately seat or one that has an ornate design.

You can also take a DIY approach so it will be more rewarding in the end.

Illuminate It

How about some outdoor ground lights? A de-attached stump can also be converted into a small wooden lamp with LED light fixtures to illuminate your yard or property come night time.

Again, you will need to hollow out a reasonable space in the stump. You can get a solar LED option or a battery-powered one and hang it anywhere you like, or have it close to your home and in a wired state.

Make a Clock

Cut the stump thin enough and it can be a faceplate for a clock. It’s a nice project for you and your family, and the best news is that it can serve a purpose in your home.

The trunk clock doesn’t have to have a perfect circle; in some cases a square cutting can suffice. If you want something that will take your visitors’ breaths away you can have an artisan craft a grandfather clock-style timepiece for you, replete with a swinging pendulum and sounds.

Craft an Umbrella Stand

It’s simple yet useful to have. An umbrella stand has to be heavy, sturdy and keep umbrellas upright, something that a tree stump ticks in all regards.

Hollow out the stump, then smoothen and polish to get your own wooden umbrella stand. Alternatively, you can go a bit above and beyond by painting or attaching accessories or pieces to make it a fully-realized decorative item.

Once you get the hang of it you can create umbrella stands from old tree stumps for your friends, relatives or family members.

Stump Stools or Mini Chairs

When you see a tree stump you’ll probably assume it’s a chair you can sit on. Turning a stump into a short stool or mini chair is actually easier than you’d think, and it only takes a few hours or so to create one you like.

You can turn it into a simple, no-frills affair or go all-out and decorate the stump with glow-in-the-dark paint or even a cushion on top. You can leave it on the ground or cut it off for indoor or outdoor use.

A Secret Storage

Most people wouldn’t look twice at a tree stump, which makes it a perfect storage decoy. You can leave the middle hollow and insert a book or two, or have it swing out to reveal precious contents, such as your house keys or survival items.

What to do with tree stumps: Final thoughts

Additionally, you can cut the stump out and bring it indoors. A tree trunk bookshelf, wooden cash box or a small cabinet for small items are just a few examples to try.

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