What Kills Water Bugs Instantly?

Water bugs refer to a wide range of insects. They are not considered a menace, but they are not comfortable to have around and can contaminate food leading to health problems.

The best way to get rid of these pests is to control them when you notice the first one. Ignoring them can result in a significant infestation, which can be hard to eliminate.

Signs of Water Bugs Infestations in a Home or Pool

what kills water bugs instantly

Here are some of the signs you are likely to notice if there are water bugs in your house:

  • Check for droppings and egg cases left by water bugs around where they live. The droppings look like black pellets, and you will quickly notice them.
  • Water bugs thrive outdoors, but if your house has poor ventilation and accumulated dampness and humidity, these bugs will flourish in the house.
  • Leaky pipes create moist and damp environments where water bugs thrive. If you leave a broken pipe for long without repair, bugs will find an excellent spot to hide and breed.

Water Bugs in a Pool

what kills water bugs instantly

Water bugs flourish in stagnant water, so swimming pools create a perfect breeding spot. However, that’s not a reason to hinder you from having a pool within a pool.

You can have a pool in your home and ensure there are no bugs bothering you. Read on to know how you can eliminate water bugs quickly and effectively.

Ways to Kill Water Bugs Instantly

Boric Acid

Boric acid kills water bugs instantly. The product is in powder form, and you simply sprinkle it in areas where the bugs frequent mostly.

After bugs ingest this product, the chemicals poison them and get rid of them instantly. The best to attract them is to sprinkle a thin layer of the powder; most bugs ignore thick boric acid powder piles.


Synthetic pesticides kill water bugs effectively. You can find them as powders or sprays and kill water bugs instantly.

Water bugs spray

Water bugs sprays are the easiest to use if you are looking for a DIY option. You can spray directly on the bugs or their nests. It takes a few minutes to kill the bugs after being exposed to chemicals in the sprays.

Water bugs traps

Water bugs baits or traps can easily eliminate a whole colony of water bugs. The traps attract bugs and eliminate them. However, for bug traps to work effectively, you must ensure there are no other sources of food for bugs. These insects can eat things such as pet foods and any kitchen leftovers.

Essential oils

Bugs are sensitive to loss of moisture. When oil gets on their skin, it dries out their wax and prevents them from accessing moisture. The skin dries out, and eventually, they die.

Natural methods

There are products readily available within your home that you can use to kill water bugs. Some of the natural methods you can use include:

  • Baking soda- This natural bugs killer dehydrates water bugs once they contact it.
  • Alcohol- Alcohol eliminates water bugs by dissolving the moisture in the bugs’ outer shells and eventually killing them. It is also a dehydrating agent and causes extreme dehydration in bugs.
  • Detergents- Detergents and other cleaning products break down the protective skin of bugs and kill them slowly. Add a few drops of liquid soap into the water and spray it on the bugs and the nests.

How to Keep Water Bugs Away From Your Home

what kills water bugs instantly

It is not easy to eliminate water bugs once they infest your home. The best way to live free of these pests is to prevent infestation. Block their entry points and use one of the above ways to kill them.

Ensure there is no standing water in your outdoor space, pipes, or gutters. Prevent dampness and repair any leakage that may cause moisture, creating a good breeding environment for water bugs.

Besides that, enhance your home’s ventilation to prevent increased humidity that encourages water bugs to lay eggs and reproduce. There are more bugs around in the summer time so be extra vigilant at that time. 

Dirty dishes and accumulated garbage provide food for water bugs. Starve them and keep your home clean. Also, make sure you seal possible entries if the water bugs are inside your house. Check the doors and windows for gaps where the water bugs can crawl through.

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