What is Eating My Cucumber Leaves: Insect and Animal Pests

Cucumber plants have tender leaves that are often susceptible to insect damage. Knowing which insects are attacking your plants is important and will help you rid of them. This article will answer the question, ‘what is eating my cucumber leaves?’

What is eating my cucumber leaves

what is eating my cucumber leaves

Below are several insects that you may find eating your cucumber leaves.

    • Cabbage Loopers:  A cabbage looper is a small caterpillar that is pale green. They are hard to spot because they blend in with the stems and leaves of the cucumber plant. These pests will cut tiny holes all over the leaves of a cucumber plant.
    • Cutworms:  Cutworms are small worms that love to eat cucumbers. These bugs can destroy the roots of the plant, and they love to feed on the fruit of the plant.
    • Cucumber Beetles:  Cucumber beetles will not only eat holes in the leaves of the cucumber plant but also eat the flowers. This prevents the plant from maturing and producing cucumbers.
    • Aphids:  Aphids are a huge problem in the garden. These pests will eat many plants, including cucumber plants. They love to hide under the bottoms of cucumber leaves, slowly eating the plant.
    • Whiteflies:  These flying pests are very common in the garden, and they love to eat cucumber leaves.

How To Treat Cucumbers for Insects

what is eating my cucumber leaves

Insects can be a real pain in the garden. They can not only make your cucumber plants look terrible, but they can wipe out an entire crop with ease. Below are a few clever ways of getting rid of bugs in the garden.


One of the best ways to get rid of insects is by applying insecticides in the garden. There are hundreds of insecticides on the market today, and they all do pretty much the same thing. Insecticides come in a liquid spray form and a powder form that you can spread in the garden. Keep in mind, you should never use insecticide on a garden that is ready to harvest.

Natural Remedies

If you are against using insecticides in the garden, you are not alone. Many people are afraid to use anything unnatural on their plants. Luckily some natural remedies will help keep the bugs at bay.

Crushed eggshells are often used in the garden to keep bugs away from plants. The sharp edges of eggshells will help keep cutworms away and other insects that like to eat leaves.

Another way to keep insects from eating your cucumbers is by planting companion plants along with vegetables. Most bugs hate the smell of garlic, and it can be planted and harvested next to other plants. Other plants also work well when used to deter insects.

Castile soap also works well to kill and deter insects in the garden. This pure form of soap can be sprayed over the entire garden and works just as well as most insecticides, without harmful chemicals.

Animals That Like to Eat Cucumber Leaves

what is eating my cucumber leaves

If you’re wondering what is eating my cucumber leaves, the answer to that question might be animals. Many animals love the taste of cucumber leaves, and today you will learn more about them.

    • Slugs and Snails:  Slugs and snails are often attracted to green cucumber leaves. They will attack the plant during the night, and if left unchecked, these creatures can destroy plants in a short amount of time.
    • Deer:  Deer is another animal that likes to snack on cucumber leaves at night. Because deer are heavy feeders, they can wipe out a garden in just one night. Depending on the time of year, deer may even attack plants during the day.
    • Squirrels:  Squirrels are quick little animals that will attack cucumber plants in droves. In many areas, squirrel populations are high, and competition for food forces them to eat garden plants.
    • Mice:  Mice might be tiny and cute to some, but they can be a nightmare for the gardener. When mice work up the courage to attack your cucumber patch, they can wipe it out quickly.
    • Moles:  Moles spend most of their time living underground. But that doesn’t mean they won’t pop up during the night, and eat your cucumber leaves.
    • Rabbits:  We all know that rabbits love to eat green things. and cucumber leaves are very appealing to them.

How To Stop Animals from Eating Cucumber Leaves

Keeping animals out of your garden is the only way to keep your cucumbers safe. For large animals, you will need to place a tall fence around your garden. This will keep most deer and rabbits away from your prized cucumbers.

In combination with fencing, you can also spray the borders of your garden with commercial animal repellent.

For smaller animals, traps may be necessary to keep these often-unseen pests out of the garden.

In addition to traps, you can place a fake predator animal in or near your cucumber plants. A plastic snake or inflatable owl will help keep these pests at bay.

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