What Grass Grows Best In Sandy Soil? These Grasses Thrive

Have you just bought a property with sandy soil on it, and wondered if you can grow grass on it? If so, you have come to the right place. Today we are going to focus on what grass grows best in sandy soil. Each of the grass varieties you will find below will thrive in sandy soil if properly taken care of.

What Grass Grows Best In Sandy Soil

What Grass Grows Best In Sandy Soil

Bahia Grass

Bahia grass is a very popular grass that is grown in many parts of the country. It thrives even in the most humid climates and doesn’t mind being planted in sandy soil. Bahia grass is a perennial variety that has a deep root system making it perfect for growing in less than perfect conditions.

Bahia grass can quickly be established in sandy soil, and it grows rapidly during the warmer months. If you are looking for grass that is easy to maintain, then Bahia grass is the one for you. However, keep in mind, it isn’t as dense as other grass varieties, which may be a drawback for some.

Tall Fescue Grass

What Grass Grows Best In Sandy Soil

For those that live in northern climates, Tall Fescue grass is a good choice for sandy soils. This grass is a cool-season variety that does well in a large variety of soil types. Tall Fescue will grow in both shade and full sun, making it one of the most versatile varieties on the market.

This grass type is greenest during the spring and fall, which many homeowners prefer. Tall Fescue grass has a deep root system which makes it drought resistant once established.

Centipede Grass

Centipede grass is both loved and hated by many people. Many farmers despise Centipede grass because it is low growing and not suitable for grazing. On the other hand, homeowners love this grass because it is fast-growing and doesn’t require much maintenance.

While centipede grass does have a short root system, that doesn’t stop it from becoming well established. Centipede grass does well in the heat and stays green when most varieties turn brown.

Bermuda Grass

What Grass Grows Best In Sandy Soil

Another grass that doesn’t mind growing in sandy soil is Bermuda grass. Many of you have probably already heard of this grass variety because it is grown in many parts of the country. Bermuda grass requires well-drained soil, which makes it perfect for sandy lawns.

If you’re looking for a fast-growing grass Bermuda is a great alternative to other varieties. Bermuda grass will take a while to become established but once it takes root, this grass will explode with growth. If you have a shady lawn, Bermuda grass won’t do well. This variety loves full sun and will thrive if you give it plenty of light.

Bermuda grass doesn’t stay green all year, and it goes into dormancy during the winter months. However, it will come back quickly in the spring, giving you a lush lawn in the summer.

Zoysia Grass

When it comes to what grass grows best in sandy soil, Zoysia grass is hands down one of the best. Zoysia grass has a long and strong root system that can penetrate sandy soil providing the plant with much-needed nutrients.

Once Zoysia grass has taken root, it will quickly spread to other areas of the lawn. This grass type will provide you with a lush green lawn that you can be proud of. Zoysia grass is a durable variety that stands up well to foot traffic. This makes the grass one of the best for home lawn use. Zoysia grass will grow in shady areas but does best when provided with plenty of sunlight.

Growing Grass in Sandy Soil

Growing grass in sandy soil is not as difficult as it may sound. Below are a few tips that can help you get started.

Conduct A Soil Test

Before you plant grass on sandy soil, you should conduct a soil test to see what nutrients the soil is lacking. This will allow you to easily add the nutrients needed for a successful lawn. A soil test will also show you the PH level of the soil, allowing you to adjust the PH if needed.

Add Organic Matter

When preparing sandy soil for growing grass, you should add in a good amount of organic matter. This will provide food for the grass, and it will help your lawn become established quickly. Organic matter will help prevent erosion, and it will hold water.

Seeding The Soil

The best way to establish grass in sandy soil is by directly seeding the soil. Turf grass that comes in rolls won’t do well because it isn’t designed for sandy soil types. Seeding the soil will provide you with full lawn coverage, and it is a more affordable way to establish a lush lawn.

What Grass Grows Best In Sandy Soil: Conclusion

Now that you know what grass grows best in sandy soil, why not plant some on your property this year. Each of these grass varieties will thrive in sandy soil and look great in your yard. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a variety and start planting today.