What Eats Lizards: Birds and Animals That Prey on Lizards

Most lizard species are small and have very limited defense mechanisms, which makes them favorite snacks of larger animals. If you’re wondering what eats lizards, here’s a list of 13 animals that prey on them.

What eats lizards?

Many animals will eat a lizard giving the chance, including the following:


what eats lizards

Chickens are voracious feeders and can devour virtually anything that’s placed in front of them, including lizards.

Other notable critters include amphibians, worms, small mice, and food items such as seeds, corn, grain,n, and even rice. House lizards are a particular favorite as long as the chickens could find and overcome them.


what eats lizards

You may be led to believe that lizards eat spiders, but the truth is that it’s the opposite. Spiders can entrap and consume bigger creatures than them, and lizards are definitely on the menu.

They may confuse them or lead the lizards into spider webs, then proceed to make a meal of their victims.


Rats like lizards when they’re dead as these creatures pose zero resistance. It’s worth noting that most rodents are scavengers and will make do with the food that’s available to them, but they won’t usually go out of their way to confront a lizard or chase after it when there are food scraps or other items in the vicinity.


Cats both wild and domesticated will sometimes hunt a house lizard for the thrill of it. They will sometimes eat it at the end, but these felines will usually play with their victims for a long time before they even consider the lizard as a meal.


Dogs are similar to cats in that they will ‘play’ with small creatures such as lizards for sport. Unless they’re very hungry or live out in the streets, dogs will not eat lizards and will likely just kill them for fun. However, it’s worth noting that lizards contain parasites that can be harmful to canines.


Snakes consume lizards on a regular basis and consider the creature a staple diet in the wild. Snakes are usually larger than lizards, and even if they’re evenly matched in size the snake usually wins. The way lizards are debilitated will depend on the snake, e.g., venom or squeezing them to death.


It may be difficult to believe, but frogs will eat lizards when opportunity knocks. As a species, there are dozens of carnivorous frogs that consume a large number of invertebrates, which includes smaller lizards. Frogs lie in wait until a lizard (or small creature) comes along, then lunges out and swallows them whole.


Raccoons are natural enemies of the lizard and hunt them exclusively for food. These creatures raid established lizard nests or take them on the ground.

They sometimes eat younglings and eggs when the opportunity arises. If there’s a shortage of meat, raccoons can turn to plants or vegetables as a source of sustenance.


Squirrels may have a reputation for eating nuts and acorns, but they do love a live lizard now and then. They’re common rodents that can quickly chase a wayward lizard down, grab the unlucky creature by their front paws and devour them on sight.


Lizards are a favorite of bats regardless of type or size. They’re quick enough to catch lizards unawares and swoop in for the kill.

Bats will use echolocation to find their prey, then fly in to grab lizards using their claws. Once secure, the nocturnal creature will then use its sharp teeth to feed on its prey.


Owls, like bats, eat small insects and animals like lizards. These nocturnal feeders use their eyes instead of sound waves to locate potential food, then fly up quickly on the ground and snatch the hapless lizard. Owls eat the same way as bats but use their sharp beaks instead of teeth.


It’s a known fact that monkeys will sometimes go for living food, including lizards both small and medium-sized. They typically prefer fruits or insects, but they might choose to refresh their palate with protein and small prey.


A large number of bird species will hunt and eat a lizard, including hawks, bluejays, sparrows, eagles, robins, and crows, among others. Small lizards are fair game and a tasty snack for these winged animals, and their eyes are sharp enough to see their prey even from a distance.


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