Syngonium Maria Allusion Growth and Care Guide

If you are looking for houseplants in vibrant colors like pink and green, then you must go for syngonium maria allusion. This is one of the best houseplants for placing indoors and outdoors. This is a very easy and beautiful plant to grow in your home. The plant mainly comes from Latin America and is found in Bolivia, Mexico, and Brazil.

The plants have the traditional arrowhead leaves, and you will find many names for this in the nurseries. Some of the names are five fingers, Arrowhead Vine and Syngonium Maria. The species syngonium maria allusion is also a type of butterfly plant that spread its wings in every direction. You will get shades of red, green, pink and bronze and it will have white flowers. The plant can climb on your walls, and you can give them a shape as you desire.

How to care for the a Syngonium Maria Allusion

Syngonium Maria Allusion

This plant must be kept in medium to low light conditions, but the best way to keep them is under the shades. The plant will stay healthy and grow naturally, as long as you water them, and apply fertilizer. You have to apply water two to three times a week in the summertime. For making the potting mixture you can use orchid bark and perlite, also make sure the temperature is between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit which is 15.5 to 26.6 degrees Celsius.


Syngonium maria allusion loves to grow in a shaded location, where there’s no direct sunlight. You must not leave it directly under the sunlight as the leaves will wither quickly. You have to keep in mind that harsh light will affect the colors, and you might not get the vibrant green and pink mix on the foliage. In the wintertime, you can bring the pot inside the room, and keep it away from the windows and doors so it can avoid the cold wind.

These plants also grow under artificial light, if you have limited space. You have to move the pot towards the light source during the colder season and rotate the plant while watering them. This will influence them to become a full-grown plants.


Maria Allusion requires moist soil to grow, and you have to ensure the water is evenly applied. You have to keep the pot from storing water and check the drainage holes in the pots. This plant has a Medium drought tolerance but requires regular watering. Furthermore, it will allow you some mistakes of not watering them for some days. But if you need better performance, you need to regularize watering.

The spring and summer months are the best growing times for the plants, you just have to water them once the top layer of the soil gets dry. To understand the dryness of the top one inch, you have to stick your fingers into it, and if it’s dry, then you have to sprinkle water. You have to follow this method once a week and irrigate until the water starts to drop down the drain holes at the bottom of the pots.

The growth of these plants slows down once the winter season comes, this means you have to water them infrequently. However, you have to check if the soil is too dry, if it is then apply water, which will be in every two weeks.


Syngonium Maria Allusion

Syngonium is a high maintenance plant, thus you need to perform pruning carefully. As the plant likes to spread its leaves like wings and grow faster when they get more nutrients and water, you need to trim them in the growing months only. To start pruning you have to sanitize the blades, so it doesn’t transfer any disease to the plants. You just have to rub alcohol on the tool blades and they will be clear of any kind of residues. You can also cut the plant to get new saplings.

The plants also get bushy quickly, so you need to give them the shape you want. If you do this in the spring and summertime, the plants will grow in a better way.


This plant requires high humidity, and you will notice a decline in growth if you do not get the exact humidity. You must keep the same between seventy to hundred percent. Although, professional gardeners have reported that thirty to seventy percent humidity is enough for these plants. You also have to check the USDA climate zones map to check if you can grow them outside too. There are some ways to boost the humidity of these plants they are,

  • You have to mist them two times a week. You can have a spray bottle and gently use it on the leaves.
  • You can use a pebble tray. Fill the tray halfway with water and place the pit on it.
  • You can also use a room humidifier for misting the plants.
  • Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth mad continue this two times a week.


As you have these plants in your home, you must feed them twice a week, and this will provide more energy to the leaves and stems. You need to fertilize these plants monthly and use balanced diluted houseplant fertilizers. Syngonium holly isn’t a big feeder, but they need minerals and nutrients to grow. You must avoid feeding the plants during autumn because in the colder months they will become dormant, which means they won’t need food. You can use worm casting and compost at the start of the spring months.

Soil Type

The soil type required should have good level minerals and nutrients. Arrowhead plants require acidic soil with a pH level of 5.5 to 6.5. The soil in the pot must have better nutrients and a good drainage system. Make sure the soil isn’t soggy or overly damp; you can make a mix of perlite, peat moss, and soil.

You can also create a mix of perlite, orchid bark, and potting soil. If you want to display them in your garden, then you need to check the USDA hardiness zone in your area. For this plant, it requires nine to ten.

Syngonium Maria Allusion: Propagation

The best time for this is in the spring and summer times, which are the growing time for syngonium maria allusion. You have to take small inches of the stem and cut the one closer to the roots. Make sure the stem has some leaves on it. Now you have to place it in a water-filled pot, new roots will grow from them very soon. Syngonium is a mature plant, so when you get the new ones, they might not look like the mother plants, it will slowly start to look like it once they start to grow.

Syngonium Maria Allusion: Conclusion

Syngonium is available in different types, so you will get options to choose from. You just have to take care of the plants as mentioned in this article, and it will give beautiful look to your home.