Sugar Snap Peas Companion Plants: What To Plant with Peas

Sugar Snap Peas are a delicious plant vegetable part of the family of legumes. Besides the health benefits of eating these nutritious veggies, sugar snap peas plants also provide flavorful ingredients to add to your meals. Because of their sweetness, you won’t have problems having your kids eating them!

Luckily, these plants are not particularly hard to grow. However, their weak stems need some support for the vines to climb. The good news is that you can find plants that provide them with natural trellis (more on that later). These plants thrive in hardiness zones between 3 and 11 and are nitrogen-fixing species that pair well with plants low in this essential nutrient. Under proper conditions, your sugar snap pea plant can give your plenty of pods with approximately 6 to 10 peas in each.

Read our essential guide on “Sugar Snap Peas companion plants” to discover which plants you should consider planting next to these legumes.

Sugar Snap Peas Companion Plants

Because of their characteristics, most pea plants grow well with many vegetables. However, you want to choose species that thrive in your climate and soil conditions. The two plants will live in a symbiotic relationship where both receive something in exchange. Strategic companion planting can help you successfully grow plants even in small gardens without having too much to worry about concerning pests and diseases.


Sugar Snap Peas Companion Plants
Beans and sugar snap peas have similar nutrient requirements, and both contribute to increasing the nitrogen content in the soil. Additionally, both beans and peas won’t compete, which will enhance their flavor. While the two plants can thrive together, you may want to pay attention to possible attacks from pests. Indeed, they are susceptible to the same set of insects.

Sweet Corn

Sugar Snap Peas Companion Plants
Native Americans planted corn, beans, and pumpkins together for centuries. Pairing them guaranteed better yields. Because of pea plants’ similarities with beans, you can expect to have beneficial results from pairing peas and corn plants together. Indeed, corn provides a natural trellis to support pea’s vertical growth. On the other hand, peas add nitrogen to the soil. Your corn plants will have no problems in becoming lush and healthy.


Sugar Snap Peas Companion Plants
Turnips need rich soil to grow rich harvests. Peas can provide them with that. In exchange, turnips repel harmful insects such as aphids, which often attack pea plants and destroy crops.


Sugar Snap Peas Companion Plants

Carrots are ideal companion plants to sugar snap peas. Both plants do well in environments with low temperatures and tolerate light frosts. You can plant them together in the summer to enjoy both fruits during the fall.



Basil is a stunning aromatic plant to keep in your garden. Under proper conditions, its plant will grow and expand quickly, resulting in a lush bush of herbs that will add an intense flavor to most of your dishes.

Because of its pungent smell, basic can deter harmful insects from damaging your pea pods. In exchange, your pea plants ensure your basil gets all the nutrients it needs to develop into a healthy plant. All you have to do is watch them grow together and give the two the care they need! The results will surprise you!

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens like lettuce and spinach require lots of nitrogen. As you already know, peas can supply them with that element. Plus, they grow well under similar conditions as your peas, which comes in handy for you.


Nasturtiums are stunning flowering plants that attract plenty of beneficial pollinators to your garden. Not only will your garden look more lively, but you will also have fewer problems with harmful insects. When planting nasturtiums as companion plants to sugar snap peas, you won’t have to worry about aphids munching on your pea pods! Does that sound too good to be true? Test it for yourself and plant peas and nasturtiums close to each other: you won’t be disappointed.

Sugar Snap Peas Companion Plants: The Bottom Line

Sugar Snap Peas are ideal companion plants to most vegetables due to their nitrogen-fixing ability. Because vegetables need rich soils, adding peas will ensure your plants receive all the nutrients they need to produce healthy crops.

Additionally, peas are easy to grow and don’t require much attention from your side. If you don’t have much time to take care of your garden, this can come in handy. Plus, adding the right companion plants will contribute to having rich harvests.

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