Small Trees with White Flowers

White is pure and elegant. Having trees with white flowers enhances the beauty and adds a sense of magical scenes to your home garden and yard. Let’s look at small trees with white flowers that you can add to your yard.

Small trees with white flowers

If you need to add white flowers to your yard, here is a list of small trees that produce white flowers that you can group in an ancient way or just use to improve your general home landscaping.

1. White Dogwood

small trees with white flowers

The white dogwood, also called Cornus Florida, is a widely known tree that produces white flowers. Even though there are several varieties of dogwood, white dogwood is the best for improving yard landscapes.

The plant grows to about 30′ tall and blooms in spring, leaving your home with beautiful flowers spread to about a diameter of 15 – 30 feet.

2. Magnolia

small trees with white flowers

Magnolia is an evergreen tree with dark green broad leaves and will produce white flowers with a great fragrant aroma in the months of spring. The flowers are wide, measuring 8 feet for the small ones and 12 feet for the larger ones in diameter.

With time, the flowers produce cone-shaped fruits formed in small clusters of about 5 inches long. Basically, this is a good choice for a gardener or homeowner who wishes to add beauty to the yard or garden.

3. Buttonbush

Native to North America, the buttonbush is a small-sized tree that grows to about 5 to 10 feet. It is a good plant to add to your array of white flowering plants since it has an open-rounded growth habit. Their pin cushioned white flowers are usually visible in June and are loved by butterflies and other pollinators.

The tree does well in rain gardens and woodlands, making it ideal for planting in any region.

4. Fringe tree

This tree typically grows to about 20 feet and produces long clusters of white flowers with fringe-like petals. These flowers give out blueish black fruits that fruit-loving birds feed on in summer.

The trees have spear-like leaves that will turn yellow in fall and remain green in spring and summer.

5. Carolina silverbell

The Carolina silverbell is a medium-sized tree that produces tiny bell-shaped white flowers in early spring. One beautiful thing with Carolina silverbells is that they bloom simultaneously with the leaf sprouting process.

In fall, their foliage turns yellow-green but will drop off early and go dormant as it waits for spring blooming and sprouting time.

6. Yoshino Cherry Tree

The tree is famously known as the Japanese flowering cherry tree and is usually featured in several cherry flower festivals.

The small tree makes an excellent landscape attraction, with bright white flowers appearing in the early to mid-spring months. It can also be planted near a patio or deck to add beauty closer to the house since it grows to about 30 feet tall.

7. Cleveland Pear Tree

small trees with white flowers

Also called gallery pear, the Cleveland pear tree is a pyramid-like oval-shaped tree that matures to a complete oval making it a famous ornamental plant. It is mostly planted in groupings along property borders and driveways.

It grows to about 35 feet tall and will show its white blooms in April, but the foliage turns reddish-purple in fall.

8. White Rose of Sharon

This is typically shrubbery but can still be grown as a tree. It has a vase shape that makes it loved by many gardeners as a short landscaping tree. Usually, the tree blooms in summer and grows to a height of about 8 feet.

9. Spring snow crabapple

The tree is commonly known as crabapple. It does not produce fruits; thus, it is one of the most loved and popular ornamental plants to grow in groupings or landscaping your yard. The foliage turns yellow in fall as the tree prepares to get dormant through winter. It grows to a height of about 25 feet tall.

10. Royal White Redbud

Whether you choose to add it to a small yard or a larger one, the royal white redbud has an appealing vase shape that makes it a centre of attraction. Its white flowers are usually large and fill up all the branches.

It is a fast-growing magical tree that typically grows at the rate of about two feet a year.

11. Ornamental White Snow Fountains Weeping Cherry Tree

This elegant cascading tree with nicely fragrant flowers adds an aroma to your garden, patio, and yard. It blooms in early spring and turns its green leaves red or orange in fall.

12. Hawthorn

Hawthorns are small to medium-sized trees that produce white flowers in clusters during the months of May or June. The flowers later develop into berries as summer ends, and the berries attract birds that feed on them.