Red Maple Tree Growth Rate

You probably have seen Red Maple Trees around. With their brilliant foliage in autumn and extensive flowering in spring, they are popular trees in the United States. Their superior durability, tolerance, and high growth rate only add to the attractiveness of this species of trees. If you wish to plant a stunning shade tree in your garden, you should consider getting a Red Maple Tree.

However, don’t get disappointed when you go and purchase one. Indeed, when you buy a bare root Red Maple to plant, it won’t look any different from a skinny stick. The good news is that these trees fall into the category of “fast-growing” trees. Still, you shouldn’t expect your Red Maple to reach the attractive towering size you’ve seen all around in one year. But, how long do you have to wait for it to get to maturity? To learn about the Red Maple Tree Growth Rate and what you can do to make it optimal, keep reading our essential guide.

What Conditions Do Red Maples Need to Grow?

Red Maple Tree Growth Rate

Before getting into the Red Maple Growth Rate section, you might want to check if you can offer your tree the right conditions for it to thrive. Red Maples are versatile but will grow to their full size only if you plant them in the right spot.

These shade trees can grow optimally in Hardiness Zones between 3 to 9, meaning they can thrive in various climates and conditions. Indeed, they can withstand the heat and cooler winters and will adapt to your region’s soil, given that they receive full sun (at least six hours of direct sunlight) every day. Make sure you water your tree regularly, as maples prefer wet soils. However, if your region deals with dryness, don’t worry: Red Maples are tolerant to drought too.

When To Plant A Red Maple Tree

If you know something about planting trees, you probably are aware that they can come in various shapes and sizes.

You can purchase your Red Maple from a nursery and pick one you like. Plant it in midsummer or autumn to increase the probability of your tree growing deep roots.

Alternatively, you can grow it from seeds. Of course, you will have to be more patient to see results with this option. Still, if you do it right, you will see results in a couple of years. Remember to ensure you give your tree plenty of water during its first year of life to help it grow strong roots.

Getting Maples Trees To Reach Their Full Size

Red Maple Tree Growth Rate

No one likes to wait for long to see their trees reaching full size. Red Maples are stunning shade trees that can grow up to 60 inches in height and spread up to 40 inches in width at maturity. Luckily, their growth rate is fast: you can expect them to grow between 12 to 18 inches per year. So, you can start seeing the first results in a few years.

However, you will still have to wait at least ten years for your trees to reach maturity. If your maple is a slow grower, you may have to wait even longer. However, your patience will reward you and your garden: you will have plenty of shade for the warmer months and vivid foliage almost all year round.

Sadly, these trees don’t do well with strong winds or ice storms. The trunk and branches are weak and can easily break with pressure. While this might sound like a trivial issue, the exposure resulting from that kind of accident can make pests and diseases more likely to attack your tree.

Red Maple Tree Growth Rate: Final thoughts

Don’t forget that these trees have wide roots that could be intrusive if you allow them to. To prevent them from heaving your sidewalk, plant your Maple tree at a proper distance from the street. Count at least six feet to avoid getting headaches from trying to solve your tree’s rooting problem. Provided that you follow our tips, you will be able to enjoy a mature Red Maple in a decade. However, you won’t have to wait that long to see the first results and get a “tree” shape from the skinny stick you will have at the beginning. When growing trees, you have to be patient and carefully follow their requirements for growth. Then, you’ll have all the time to enjoy this stunning addition to your garden.