Red Cucumber Growth and Care Guide

The red cucumber grows up to 0.5M long, 0.5Kg drained weight, and 5cm wide. it’s native to Mexico and the North American west coast. Let’s look at how to grow and care for a red cucumber plant.

What is the red cucumber?

red cucumber

Red cucumber is originally from Asia, and it can be grown in most parts of the world except the colder parts of North America. To be specific, it originated in SE Asia among the people of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Burma.

Initially, these cucumbers sport the typical green shade and then turn golden orange as they continue maturing. Most of the time, they don’t feature a completely red shade. The best time to plant them is in late spring. What’s more, they take approximately two months to mature.

Different from the other cucumber types, the red cucumbers keep a bit of their flavor even when they are overripe. This flavor is relatively melon-like and sweet, with a high water content when ripe. Occasionally, they feature a tart flavor or a somewhat bitter flavor.

The bitterness is because of a substance called cucurbitacin, a toxin that plays a significant part in the cucumber’s disease resistance. That being said, a high concentration of this toxin is normally prompted by various environmental factors or nutrient disorders. All the same, this doesn’t happen if adequate gardening requirements are followed.

When the red cucumber is overripe, it’s still edible, and it is at the time utilized to make “cucumber coolant” that’s quite the unique drink. Red cucumbers need to be planted in the same way as other cucumbers.

Growth & reproduction

red cucumber

Red cucumber maturity takes approximately 60 to 65 days. When it comes to reproduction, the females and males are separate, and most of the time, breeding happens in the summer, while development is not direct.

Health benefits of red cucumbers


Read cucumbers are over 90 % water, and this water comes in handy in getting rid of all the toxins in your body. Again, thanks to their water content, it helps hydrate the body. The water clears the body of all wastes, thus making it an excellent detox.

Promotes brain health

Red cucumber has Fisetin, an anti-inflammatory flavonol, and it is well-known for maintaining brain health. Consuming cucumber will shield the nerve cells from deterioration due to aging, and it will boost your memory. A study done revealed that Fisetin could hinder learning impairments and memory loss.

Reduces constipation

Cucumbers usually feature fiber content which will add to the bulk of your stool and ease constipation. It is an excellent laxative, and it as well features reduced calories.

Reduces the risk of cancer

The polyphenols and lignans in cucumber may come in handy in reducing the risk of breasts, prostate, uterine and ovarian cancer. Again, red cucumber has plenty of cucurbitacins which typically feature anti-cancer properties.

Hydrates the body

As mentioned above, cucumbers have over 90% water; therefore, if you forget to hydrate during the day, eating cucumbers will do the trick. It will as well offer you relief from heartburn, sunburn, and itchy skin. All you have to do is apply the cucumber to the affected body parts.

Regular bowel movements

Dehydration and constipation go hand in hand, and they can impact your water balance and make it difficult to pass stool. This is where cucumbers come in; they help hydrate your body to enhance stool consistency. Again, this will prevent constipation and help retain bowel movement regularity. Furthermore, pectin, a soluble fiber in cucumber, can increase bowel movement consistency.

Easy to incorporate in your meals

Crisp, delicious, and refreshing, cucumbers are typically consumed fresh or included in everything from sandwiches to salads. Most of the time, they are consumed raw as a reduced-calorie snack or can be eaten with salt, olive oil, hummus, and salads to add some flavor. With some creativity, red cucumbers can be eaten in many different ways. Something else to love about red cucumbers is that they retain their sweet taste even when they are overripe!

It keeps your breath fresh.

Cucumber helps in freshening your breath and eliminating the bacteria-causing odor in your mouth. To achieve this, put a slice of the red cucumber in your mouth and leave it for some time. Well, there you have it, what you need to know about the red cucumber!