Planting and Growing Onions In Zone 7

Gardeners often plant vegetables that don’t thrive because they lack knowledge of the USDA zones and what variety of plants should be planted in different zones.

Onions are a popular crop that is grown across America. They can be added to many recipes, so it’s worth growing your own. Let’s look at planting onions in zone 7.

Growing onions in zone 7

Growing Onions In Zone 7

Zone 7 can get cold during the winter and has an overall 0 -10. F temperature as a minimum average.

USDA zone, 7 extends to areas such as northern Texas, southern Oklahoma, central Arizona, New Mexico (southern), a few places in Nevada and southern Utah. It further extends to west-central Washington and eastern California.

Varieties Of Onions To Be Planted In Zone 7

Growing Onions In Zone 7

Onions are generally divided into three varieties known as short, intermediate, and long-day. Planters of onions in zone 7 should go with a short-day onion variety as these will succeed better in such climatic conditions.

How to Grow Onions In Zone 7

1. Plant a short day variety of onion.

First choose a place where your onions will get enough sunlight. Ensure the area won’t be shaded by objects, buildings or other plants.

The size of the bulb depends upon the energy gained from sunlight. If you want to be able to grow larger bulbs your onions will require at least 6 hours of sunlight daily.

2. Soil type

Onions can be planted in any season as long as they are correctly cared for. It’s best to plant in the early spring.

Begin with the solid that is drained well, fertile, and isn’t compacted. Clay-like, compacted, or rocky soil should be avoided as these types of soil can have an adverse effect on the onions.

If you don’t have good soil in your garden, you can add topsoil or compost before planting. Humus is aged compost that enhances the soil’s texture and nutrients to make it healthy.

Onions require a good amount of nutrition to grow large bulbs, so you may like to add some manure to your garden before planting.

Onions shouldn’t be planted in the same place every year as they leach nutrients from the soil. Therefore crop rotation is a must, to help the soil recover lost minerals and nutrients and become healthy again.

Growing Onions In Zone 7: Conclusion

Onions can grow well in zone 7 as long as they are planted in the right soil type. It’s a wise idea to amend your soil and add manure for nutrients before planting your onions.