Peace Lily Meaning and Symbolism

The peace lily is a beautiful flowering plant that haunts a lot of meaning for people all over the globe. They are often featured in religious ceremonies and holiday celebrations, and they are popular house plants. But what does the peace lily symbolize? Keep reading to learn more about the peace lily and how to add one to your decor.

What Is a Peace Lily?

Peace Lily Meaning

The Peace Lily is not a lily. They are a member of the Araceae family along with the caladium and cuckoopint. 

This indoor plant has broad, emerald green leaves and gorgeous white flowers. The blossoms consist of one petal cupped around the bright yellow stamen. It’s no wonder their eye-catching appearance has become such a famous representation.


This exotic-looking plant comes from tropical rainforests. It’s hard to say how long this plant grew in the area, but it was brought to Europe in the 1800s.

Peace Lily Symbolism 

Peace Lily Meaning

Peace Lilies are a widespread flower and can mean more than one thing. In most situations, they represent peace, tranquility, innocence, and purity. Below are some situations where you might use a peace lily and what it means.

Easter and Spring Celebrations

Easter and other religious holidays that take place in the spring often feature peace lilies. These flowers represent rebirth and transformation, which reflect the hopes of the season. If you visit a religious site during one of the ceremonies, don’t be surprised to see a few peace lilies around.

Wedding Celebrations 

Peace lilies are often at wedding celebrations as well. Because they are white and commonly symbolize purity or innocence, many couples pick this flower when selecting their arrangements. Not only are they easy to style with other flowers, but they are also elegant and classy.

Gift for the Grieving

Sending peace lilies to someone who is grieving or hurting is a great way to express your hope for their healing. Many believe these plants can help facilitate feelings of tranquility in times of trouble. In any case, it is a gorgeous flower that makes a thoughtful gift.

House Decor

One of the most common places to find this plant is in everyday homes. They are fairly easy to grow indoors and are a lovely piece for your decor. Be careful because these plants aren’t suitable for pets or children when ingested.

Peace Lily Care

The peace lily is fairly easy to care for, but in most areas, it will need to be kept indoors. It comes from a tropical region and won’t tolerate cold temperatures. Here are a few care tips for the peace lily:

  • Choose an appropriately sized pot. Peace lilies don’t like growing in a container that is too large or too small. Pick one that is slightly larger than the root ball and transplant it once it has completely outgrown its space.
  • These plants prefer consistent moisture in well-draining soil and pot. They are tropical, so they don’t like to go dry but won’t tolerate soggy roots.
  • These are great indoor plants because they prefer bright, indirect sunlight. Although they can grow in very low light settings, they won’t bloom without a little exposure.
  • Choose a nice, fertile indoor potting mix for your plant. 
  • Offices and living rooms are great places to put them but don’t forget other options like the bathroom, where it can benefit from the humidity. There is often also indirect light in the bathroom which is perfect for this plant.
  • You will need to keep your peace lily away from windows that have cold drafts in the wintertime. 
  • This plant is a perennial and will usually bloom at least once a year in the spring. Sometimes, it will also bloom in the fall.
  • You can give this plant some fertilizer, but you don’t want to overdo it. A few times during the growing season should be plenty.


Peace lilies are incredible flowers that hold a lot of meaning for people worldwide. This gorgeous plant is the perfect way to help create a breezy, tropical oasis in your home. If you are on the search for some foliage that can help remind you to keep calm and tranquil, this is the one for you.