Mixing Clay Pebbles With Soil: The Benefits of Adding Clay Pebbles to Soil

Maybe you have seen your grandparents add clay pebbles to garden soil or potted plants. While the practice of adding clay pebbles to soil may seem strange, there is a good reason why people in the past used to do it. Today you will learn why pebbles are good for the soil and how they can help improve plant growth.

Are Pebbles Good for The Soil?

You might be wondering are pebbles good for the soil? The answer is yes, they certainly can be. Below you will learn about the many benefits of adding pebbles to soil and why you should take part in this age-old practice.

The Benefits of Adding Clay Pebbles to The Soil

Let’s learn more about the benefits of adding clay pebbles to soil and how they can help boost plant growth.

Improves Drainage

Mixing Clay Pebbles With Soil
Might as well grab a potters wheel…

If soil doesn’t drain well, it can drown your plants. While plants need lots of water, too much can stunt growth and welcome disease. Adding clay pebbles to the soil can help improve drainage and help prevent the negative effects of soggy soil.

Reduces The Risk of Compacted Soil

Over time soil can become compacted simply from walking on it. If your garden has compacted soil, it will be much harder for your plants to thrive. To combat this issue, you can add clay pebbles into the soil. These pebbles will keep your soil loose and easy to work.

Prevents Erosion

Erosion is always an issue when it comes to the garden or lawn. Heavy rains and snow runoff can wash valuable topsoil into storm drains. This is not only bad for the environment but also not good for anyone looking to grow plants. Adding clay pebble to the soil can help lock in soil and prevent water from penetrating the topsoil.

Helps Release Nutrients

All rocks and stones, including clay pebbles, contain nutrients. When you add clay pebbles to the soil, they will begin to weather and release nutrients into the ground. Plants are then able to take up these nutrients, which helps them grow to their fullest potential.

Prevents Overexposure to Sunlight

Plants need the sun to survive however too much sun can be a bad thing. UV rays are strong, and they can penetrate the soil and damage plants. Putting pebbles into the soil will reflect some of those UV rays and prevent them from wilting your plants.

Helps Aerate Potted Plants

Mixing Clay Pebbles With Soil

Plants need air to grow well. Having space for the roots to absorb water and nutrients is vital to the plant’s lifecycle. When soil becomes compacted it can prevent roots from getting the things they need to survive. Clay pebbles can help aerate the soil and allow plants to take in water and fertilizer.

Prevents Bacterial Growth

Adding pebbles to the soil will help prevent bacteria from taking root. Pebbles help to block any infected debris from getting into the soil. Additionally, clay pebbles help promote root growth by allowing the soil to breathe.

Protects Plants from Damage

Plants are always at risk of damage from outside sources. Clay pebbles help prevent the roots of the plant from freezing temperatures, heat, dangerous UV rays. This will help your plants thrive, and you won’t have to worry as much about inclement weather.

Prohibits Weed Growth

Weeds can be a real problem in the garden. These unwanted plants compete with crops and chock out their growth. Weeding the garden can be a real pain, and it is a time-consuming process. If you add clay pebbles to your garden soil, it can help reduce weeds, which will keep your garden clean.

They Add Beauty to The Garden

Clay pebbles when placed in the soil, can help make your garden more beautiful. They replace the need for groundcover, and they look pleasing to the eye. So, if you want to make your garden stand out from the rest, why not add some pebbles?

Mixing Clay Pebbles With Soil: Conclusion

As you can see, there are many benefits of adding clay pebbles to garden soil. Not only do they help protect plants from damage, but they also help to keep the weeds out. If you want to improve your soil this growing season, you should consider adding pebbles to your garden.