Missed a day of watering grass seeds: Will they die?

Water is an essential element in the germination process of grass seeds for them to sprout into healthy and lush green grasses. For this reason, most tropical grasses are laid down in early spring because there is adequate rainfall.

missed a day of watering grass seed

However, there are times when you may plant grass seeds when the rainfall has reduced significantly, requiring you to water them regularly. In other words, without rainfall, grass seeds should be watered daily.

But, what happens when you have missed a day of watering grass seed? Will it die? Should you water more the next day?

Read on to find more insights on watering grass seeds and tips to help you not skip a day of watering.

What happens when you miss a day of watering grass seeds

missed a day of watering grass seed

Generally, grass seeds should be watered daily to ensure the soil is moist. Moist soil creates ideal conditions for the grass seeds to germinate, resulting in healthy and lush green lawns.

For most grass seeds, missing water for one day is not a big problem because the soil will not dry within one day – it takes about two or three weeks for the soil to dry completely.

For the most part, this means if you fail to water grass seeds for three consecutive days, they may not germinate, or the grass shoots will be very weak and eventually die.

Grass seeds will germinate when the conditions are ideal for survival as they develop into seedlings. Dry soil is not a favorable condition, and that’s why you need always to remember to water the seeds every day whenever there is little or no rainfall.

Should you water more the next day

missed a day of watering grass seed

After missing to water the grass seed for one day, you will have to cover up for the water on the next day. On the next day, water so the soil is wet 5 inches deep in the morning so that the soil that had started to dry up can absorb enough water and reinstate the preferred moist condition.

However, if you miss watering in the morning but come to remember it in the evening, it is advisable to wait until the next day for you to water the seeds.

Watering in the evening is greatly discouraged because it can lead to the development and spread of infections on the seeds and seedlings.

The best time to water is in the morning after the dew has disappeared because this is when the seeds are triggered by the sun’s rays and start to undergo the germination and growth process actively.

You can extend the watering time up to the afternoon when the sun is still sending its warm, bright rays to the ground. In case you overwater the grass seeds, the excess water will evaporate during the day, leaving the soil in the best state to support the seeds’ germination and seedlings’ maturity.

Tips to effectively water grass seeds

To ensure your lawn soil is in the best state to support germination, consider the below tips for proper grass seed watering.

1. Cover the seeds with mulch: Before watering new seeds, even for the first time, add a layer of mulch to cover the seeds.

Mulching helps prevent seeds from being splashed by water and helps maintain soil moisture.

2. Avoid hot seasons and occasional hot spells when planting: The soil dries up very fast during dry spells and hot seasons, leaving the ground too dry for germination.

If you have no other option, you should consider watering the seeds more frequently. Additionally, every time you water, make sure the soil soaks water to a deeper depth because the soil will dry up quickly due to the warm environmental conditions.

3. Reduce the mulch layer when you see moss and algae growth showing up: Mostly, moss and algae are considered weeds in a grass garden.

When you see them emerge, it signifies that soil moisture is highly concentrated, and you will have to reduce a layer of mulch. You will have to reduce the watering frequency at this point.

4 Do not buy a cheap lawn sprinkler: Some cheap lawn sprinklers do not distribute water evenly on a lawn. In most cases, such sprinklers leak or cause puddles.

If you want your grass seeds to germinate evenly, you should seek quality sprinklers. A good example of a quality new seed sprinkler is the oscillating sprinkler.

Missed a day of watering grass seed: Conclusion

Missing to water your grass seeds for one day is not a dangerous practice. You might have just forgotten to do it.

However, once you remember, plan how you will do it the next day and cover-up for the excess water loss of the day you failed to sprinkle the grass seeds with water.

The above article will help you ensure your new grass seeds are well watered and germinate uniformly.

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