Little Lime Hydrangea Companion Plants

Little Lime hydrangea is the perfect flowering shrub for gardens with limited space. Indeed, it is a dwarf version of the attractive limelight. It flowers in the summer and fall, allowing you to enjoy flowers for longer in your garden. Plus, one of this species of hydrangeas’ most attractive features is that they are easy to grow and tolerate most conditions, making them an ideal choice even for beginners. Let’s look at little lime hydrangea companion plants.

About Little Lime Hydrangea

Little Lime Hydrangeas are fairly pest resistant and you can enjoy their blooms all season long, provided that you give them the care they need. Because these plants won’t grow taller than 3 feet, you can easily manage them to stay in any space.

You can plant them in containers, as lower hedges, or temporary boarders. However, keep in mind that little lime hydrangea is not a perennial: it will lose its leaves in the winter and look bare.

Little Lime Hydrangea Companion Plants

To prevent that from disturbing your garden’s looks, you may benefit from finding the proper little lime hydrangea companion plants. If you are trying to build a sanctuary for butterflies, you may have to add plants that serve as food for caterpillars. Alternatively, if your goal is to use little lime hydrangeas as hedge plants, pair them with shrubs that offer contrasting colors and textures. The results will make your garden attractive with little effort.


Little Lime Hydrangea Companion Plants
To create a butterfly garden, you can never go wrong with adding salvia. However, if you live in a region where winter comes with heavy frosts, you may want to consider another plant as a companion to your little lime. Indeed, you may lose your saliva in low temperatures and wet soil conditions.

Still, if you can offer this plant full sun all day long, you won’t have any issues with this plant. This warm-loving herb pairs nicely with little lime and thrive under similar conditions. Its vertical growing purple flowers contrast beautifully with little lime’s delicate pastel colors. Both attract plenty of pollinators, including bees and butterflies, which will make your garden alive and healthy-looking during the spring and summer months.


Most evergreens make for ideal little lime hydrangea companion plants. Indeed, your dwarf hydrangea species’ looks will benefit from the deep green foliage that characterizes evergreen.

That is especially true if you planted your hydrangeas in the front or side of your house. Evergreens such as Yew or Chinese Jupiter will create an attractive backdrop and enhance the delicate looks of your little lime plants.

Hydrangeas will add lush and flowering beauty to the area during the summer season, while evergreens will fill your garden’s space during the winter when little lime’s brown bushes will stand out in the green background.


Little Lime Hydrangea Companion Plants
Milkweed is an ideal addition to any butterfly garden. Plus, it pairs very nicely with the little lime hydrangea. The two look stunning and complement each other’s beauty.

The two plants thrive under similar conditions and produce flowers of contrasting colors that add a summery vibe to any garden. Additionally, milkweed will ensure you have a constant income of butterflies in your garden. Indeed, it is a plant host for monarch butterflies that like to lay their eggs on milkweed’s branches.


Rhododendrons are attractive shrubs that can contribute to making any garden more beautiful. Plus, they benefit from little lime’s presence. Indeed, little lime can improve the lighting in your shrub garden. Its white blooms in the summer will make your garden more lively and elegant.

While rhododendrons need acidic soil to thrive, little lime hydrangeas adapt to any conditions. The two plants can grow close to one another without you having to worry about amendments if your soil is naturally acidic.

Little Lime Hydrangea Companion Plants: The Bottom Line

While you can find more suitable companion plants to little lime hydrangeas, selecting those we recommend in this essential guide will provide you with stunning results. Plus, all plants we included here thrive under similar conditions, increasing the chances of having a healthy and attractive garden by enjoying the mutually beneficial relationships that arise from companion planting. Little Lime hydrangeas can look stunning on their own.

But when paired to the appropriate species, their beauty can exponentially grow. Whether you are building a butterfly sanctuary in your garden or you are concerned about aesthetics, adding a little lime and its companion plants is a good move for your garden.