Landscaping Around Trees with Rocks

While most trees can enhance the beauty of your yard and create shade, there will be times when the trunks and roots might get in the way. These parts of the tree are not always pleasant to look. They also tend to grow under their own rules. You may be searching for ideas for landscaping around trees with rocks to hide the roots. 

The main objective will be to keep everything natural with the usage of elements just like rocks, stones, gravel and plants.

This article will list some ideas for landscaping around trees with rocks. 

Landscaping Around Trees with Rocks:

Landscaping Around Trees with Rocks

While there is nothing wrong with the usage of other elements like woods or bricks, using any of those materials could prove to be more troublesome than just relying on classic rocks.

Besides, the whole point of landscaping trees is making everything feel and look natural, rocks manage to deliver those factors without any issue.

1.- Landscaping with Stones:


This is the most basic landscaping design on the list as it consists of just adding stones around the tree to cover any root or trunk that might look awfully out of place.

It is ideal to cover the dirt of the area in a circular shape with the usage of stones that you can find in your community or location.

It would be wise to also grow some plants in the surroundings to keep everything together and look as if it was made by the nature.

2.- Landscaping with Rock Borders:

Landscaping Around Trees with Rocks

Now, instead of filling everything in the center with rocks, the objective will be to create a rock border to have an open area in the central area of the tree to use in the future. To do a rock border digging a trench of 1 to 2 inches deep will be required, then use marks to seat the rocks while carefully checking that no roots are being damaged.

It would be wise to create a pattern of alternate colors, but using a single rock tone will be more than enough for this situation. In the center, it will be possible to plant some flowers or add other materials as the user requires it.

3.- Landscaping with a Stone Bed:

Landscaping Around Trees with Rocks

Instead of lifting a small border, it would be ideal to use a raised stone bed that would make an excellent example for those who desire to conceal the soil under the tree on a full scale.

Nowadays it is simple to find these stone beds in the market, and after that, it is recommended to fill everything with many rocks or stones to create an outstanding and creative landscaping solution.

4.- Using Rock Pavers Edging:

This design is not optimal for the traditional gardener or individual who wants a simple landscaping solution as this time, rock pavers edging will be used. Using the ideal rock pavers will create an incredibly circular bed around the tree that will become an eye-catching structure.

Thankfully, it is easy to find rock pavers in the modern market and they are not as expensive as you might think! So this will be an option for those who have enough free time and patience to create the landscape.

5.- Low Stacked Stone Raised Beds:

Instead of relying on the usual cobblestone borders, try to raise a low stacked stone bed around the tree. This time locally sourced rock is what will be used instead of relying on uniform pieces.

After gathering enough stones, what comes next is creating a small ring around the tree to stack each stone on top of each other until you achieve a rustic and natural look. Do not create a high-profile bed as the main objective will be to keep everything natural.

6.- Landscaping with Sandstone Cobble Borders:

The second discusses landscaping idea was focused on using stone borders to surround the tree and leave a small area in the center. This time, the objective will be practically the same with the difference that instead of using stones, sandstone cobble borders will be the material used to surround the tree.

Ideal for those with little to no time for gardening. Just keep in mind to leave a space of around 10 inches between the trunk and stones to avoid causing growing issues.

7.- Using Colorful Rocks:

This is not a design but a landscaping idea with truly underrated material. While rocks promote natural designs, this time the main material will be colored rocks.

This idea is used by many popular locations (especially college campuses and national parks) to combine properly the color of the buildings with the landscape around the tree.

Nowadays there are lots of painted or colorful rocks in the market, it is recommended to use a single color to obtain more stable designs. Any of the previous landscaping designs can be adapted to this idea without any problem.

8.- Landscaping with a One-Layer Stone Tree Ring:

landscaping Around Trees with Rocks

Do not confuse borders with stone rings as they are not the same thing. While borders focus on offering a high-profile approach (normally), the usage of a stone ring implies that everything will be leveled up to a low-profile design.

To do so, you just have to dig a low trench to bury the first layer of stones. Then use a level to make sure that all the stones are even. Finally, avoid lining up the crevices between stones, instead, use stones to cover the opening on the lower layer.

9.- Half-Stone Landscape:

Dealing with high grounds is not an easy thing as the design will have to be exclusively made to fit under different angles. For those who have trees located on high terrains and desire to create landscaping around that tree, this option is ideal for this unique situation. Instead of covering the whole tree with rocks, just cover the part that is less stable. Try to add borders where there is less symmetry in the terrain.

In this way, those who look at the tree from the lower point of the terrain will be able to see the landscaping, and those who are on the high ground will still be seeing the nice finishing and details provided by the leveling created with this design.

10.- Custom Made Landscaping:

Now that you understand some of the basic landscaping techniques with rocks, it is time that you try to build your own custom-made design. The main objective will be to use rocks and things like flowers or grass to build a unique design or shape that will surround the tree while covering all that you do not desire to see.

Rely on the different types of rocks and stones that can be found in your community and create beautiful landscaping that will not be seen in any other garden or location as it will be 100% designed by yourself.

Landscaping Around Trees with Rocks: Final thoughts

Remember to avoid damaging the roots and give enough free space to the trunk to avoid causing growing issues in the future.

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