John Deere D and E Series: What’s the Difference?

John Deere has a reputation for producing high-quality lawnmowers and other gardening machinery as well as tractors and construction equipment. If you’re looking for a lawn tractor, choosing the John Deere brand will ensure that you have a product that’s durable and long-lasting. John Deere lawn tractors are manufactured using high-quality components and are very efficient. So, you’ve decided on the brand you want. You may be wondering, ‘what is the difference between John Deere D and E series?’

John Deere has different series, and these have varying capacity functions, so you’ll need to choose the one that best meets your needs. Let’s look at the difference between John Deere D and E series.

What are the differences between John Deere D and E series?

John Deere E Series Vs E Series

John Deere is a popular machinery brand that was started in the USA and soon became a global business. The company is well known for its high quality, and products are used by gardeners, construction companies, and farmers across the world.

John Deere has created a range of small lawn tractors, which include the D and E series. These small tractors are great if you have a large yard, orchard, or area of land surrounding your property. They are utility tractors that have been designed and manufactured for use in smallholdings.


The main difference between the D and E series is that the D series are smaller tractors, which are great for heavy lifting and transporting items from one side of your property to the other. The E series, on the other hand, are slightly larger are more suitable for agricultural work, including heavy-duty lifting.


Tractors in the E series use implements that are larger and more heavy-duty. The D series also has various attachments and implements available, but these are of moderate strength and generally weigh less.


The D and E series both comprise of several different tractors, each with its own model number. These tractors all have slightly different engines with various horsepowers. They are also designed with different functions in mind.

A Look at the smallest tractors in the John Deere D and E series

Let’s compare the most miniature tractors in the D and E series. For the D series, John Deere has created the 5039D, a relatively small, compact lawn tractor. The smallest tractor in the E series is the 5076E, which also has a variation with model number 5076EN. The 5076EN is almost exactly the same as the 5076E, but the main difference is that it is narrower. This tractor has been designed to be used on farms that have narrow spaces between rows of crops.

5039D John Deere lawn tractor

John Deere 5039D

The 5039D John Deere lawn tractor features power steering and has a 39-horsepower engine with three cylinders and an inbuilt oil cooler. The main benefit of choosing the 5039D lawn tractor is that the engine has a Collarshift Transmission with a side lift. It also has wet brakes which are immersed in oil. The 5039D can be used for moderate lifting and heavy-duty work as it has a capacity to lift up to 1,600 kilograms. This machine is most commonly used in the agricultural industry on arable farms.

5076EN John Deere lawn tractor

John Deere E and D Series Difference

The 5076EN John Deere lawn tractor is operated using hydrostatics and has a powerful 92 horsepower engine with four cylinders. The engine also comes with an oil cooler inbuilt and has aluminum pistons, making it more efficient and improving longevity. Like the 5039D, this machine also has brakes that are oil-immersed. The 5076E and EN model are both great for driving on rough terrain and have a lift capacity of up to 1,530 kilograms.

Horsepower and engine revolutions

When comparing the D and E series engines, you’ll notice that the E series has a much more powerful engine at 92 horsepower compared with 39 horsepower for the 5039D. The 5076E has a turbocharged engine that has the ability to generate 2,400 piston revolutions each minute. These machines are heavy-duty and can be used in agricultural areas that have a rough terrain. The 5076E can even be used to cross ravines and ditches. The engine has four pistons which are cool by oil jets.

The 5039D lawn tractor is slightly less powerful but is strong enough for many farmers and gardeners. Its engine generates 2,100 piston revolutions a minute which is pretty impressive for such a compact tractor. The tractor is very effective as it has a 39 horsepower engine with three durable pistons. The engine has an inbuilt cooling system that uses oil for cooling purposes.

Lift capacity

Perhaps surprisingly, considering the engine size and power, the 5039D can carry more weight than the E series. The 5039D lawn tractor has the ability to carry approximately 1,600 kilograms compared with the 1530 kg load capacity of the 5076EN. Many people are surprised by this fact as the E series can carry 30 Kg less even though its engine has almost three times the D series horsepower.

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John Deere is an excellent company that has a good track record of manufacturing various machines, tractors, gardening equipment, and agricultural machinery. Whether you run a construction company, are into gardening, or have a farm or smallholding, it’s worth checking out John Deere D and E series.

The D and E series both offer high performance and are excellent if you’re searching for a good-quality lawn tractor that you can use for various purposes. These tractors are both robust, well made, and long-lasting. If you invest in a D or E serious tractor, it will last you for years.

The 5039D lawn tractor is excellent for people with farms or orchards that require a moderate number of loads and also if you often need to carry a heavy load. The 5076EN, on the other hand, is slightly more powerful due to its engine size and is excellent for larger amounts of work and driving over rough terrains.