Hoya Australis: How To Care For The Plant?

The Hoya Australis is one of the most popular native plants of Australia. In the last few years, the popularity of this plant has spread throughout the world. This is an evergreen climbing vine that can grow about 13 feet to 33 feet in height. When it comes to taking care of this plant, it is quite simple and easy. Having succulent leaves, this plant can store water for about 10 days (on an average). But if you are looking forward to having this plant in your home, then you have to know the details about how you can take care of it. Read on to know about all the needs and requirements to take proper care of this plant, such as watering, sunlight, humidity, pruning and much more.

How to care for the Hoya Australis?

Hoya Australis

To take proper care of the plant, you need to know in detail about what type of soil it needs, how much water it needs, what is the correct level of humidity and much more. Here are all the details that you need:

Sunlight requirements

The HOYA AUSTRALIS is a climber that needs bright but indirect sunlight for its better growth and development. Hence, this plant loves the late afternoon or the early morning sunlight. So, a few hours of early morning sun and late afternoon sun is great for producing the beautiful white flowers. You must make sure to protect this climber plant from getting direct sunlight. It can get scorched in bright and direct rays of the sun.

Watering needs

As mentioned above, the Hoya Australis plant is succulent and it has exceptional tolerance power. This plant does not need too much maintenance or water. Probably, that is one of the reasons why it is easy to take care of. This plant needs a low to medium quantity of water. Make sure that you are not overwatering this climber plant as it can lead to rotting of its root. Eventually, the plant can even die. Before watering, it is better to notice the moisture content in the soil using your finger. It is important to keep the soil moist during the summer season but make sure it is not waterlogged. Use rainwater or filtered water for watering this plant.

Hoya Australis: Pruning

When it comes to pruning, it is an important part that is needed for every plant. But pruning is not a must for Hoya Australis as it doesn’t help in stimulating the growth of the plant. You can prune the dead leaves as per the necessity. But you must avoid any major pruning as that can do some major harm to the plant than doing anything good. It is better to only prune away the damaged or the dead leaves and parts of the plant safely. This will not hurt the plant as well as it will clear out any potential infestation of pests too.


For the best result of Hoya Australis, it is better to keep the level of humidity at least 40% or above. Most of the plants prefer the humidity of 60% or more. When the humidity level is low, you can notice dried brown-colored patches on the leaves along with slow growth. The plants that are placed inside the house can suffer a bit as artificial cooking or heating appliances can lower the level of humidity drastically. This can cause the plant to have some problems while growing. It can even dry down faster.

USDA Climate zone

One of the main questions that arise when it comes to taking care of Hoya Australis is – What USDA climate zone is appropriate for the plant to grow outside? You will be able to grow this climber plant outdoors only when you are residing in the USDA hardiness zone of 9 to 11. These plants can easily deal with the lowest temperature of 20 degree Fahrenheit. It can have a problem with the temperature dropping below 20 degrees.

Soil type

Wondering what type of soil will be perfect for HOYA AUSTRALIS? You need to know that the soil plays a very important role in the proper growth of this plant. Well, it needs a well-draining soil that can help in draining away the excess water successfully. You can create a mixture of one part of peat-free compost, one part of coarse perlite and one part of the orchid bark to create the best soil for growing this climbing plant. Make sure that the soil has a pH level ranging between 6.1 and 7.5.


Every plant needs a well-balanced fertilizer for proper growth and development. The Hoya Australis plant too needs a well-balanced fertilizer once every 2 to 4 weeks in the growing season. It is better if you can use organic fertilizers as they can offer nutrition to the plant as well as proper nourishment to the microbes for supporting good health of the plant. You can use an orchid foliar as the fertilizer.

Hoya Australis propagation

Hoya Australis

The best way for propagation of Hoya Australis is by cutting the stems. You can always do this by either using the soil or by using water. It is better if you can propagate the plant during the spring season or in the early summer season. It will give you the best result. For the stem cutting propagation in soil, the success depends on the cutting that you choose. You have to use a healthy cutting which has at least 2 nodes for the best result.


These are some of the best tips that you can follow for getting the best result when it comes to Hoya Australis. It doesn’t need too much care or maintenance. Though it is easy to take proper care of this plant, you need to do that in the right way. If you can do it in the right way then you will be able to get the best result. Follow the tips and guides that are mentioned above. Following all the above mentioned guidelines can help you to grow this plant in the healthiest and best way possible.