How To Kill Spider Eggs to Avoid an Infestation

Are you amid a spider infestation at your home? Have you found a few egg sacs sitting around in your attic or even your living room? If so, you can save your house with a few common tips below. In this guide, you will learn how to kill spider eggs before an infestation spreads.

There are three basic ways you can destroy spider egg sacs, which include:

  • Hiring a professional to do it for you
  • Using a vacuum cleaner to remove the spider eggs
  • Using oil-based pesticides to kill spider egg sacs 

Are you ready to learn all about it? Then let’s get started!

Hire a Professional To Kill the Spider Eggs

How To Kill Spider Eggs

Do you have an attic with spiders and egg sacs in every corner and every hole? If so, you may have a serious infestation on your hands, and you should call a professional to kill the spiders and eggs sacs.

If you have a poisonous type of spider infestation, you should especially call an expert to clean up the infestation and remove the insects. In particular, you should try to identify whether the spiders you’re dealing with are poisonous before you decide to forego professional help.

Venomous species include black widow, brown widow, and brown recluse spiders. Check out the different features of the spider to see if they’re poisonous, and call a professional for assistance.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner To Remove Spider Eggs

How To Kill Spider Eggs

You can also use the long attachment of a vacuum cleaner to remove spiders, their webs, and spider egg sacs. In general, vacuum cleaners are one of the best ways to remove spider eggs from your premises.

If you see an egg sac and cobwebs sitting in the corner of your ceiling, you can use a vacuum attachment to suck it up right away. If the spiders in your home are poisonous, freeze the vacuum bag as an extra precaution before you throw it into the trash.

Make sure to empty the vacuum bag outdoors in your trash can. You can take your entire vacuum cleaner outdoors to empty the vacuum bag.

Seal it in a trash bag and throw it straight into a dumpster or a trash can. However, the spiderlings in the egg sac may survive. Therefore, you may want to use pesticides instead.

Use Oil-Based Pesticides to Kill Brown Widow Spider Egg Sacs

Research shows that an oil-based pesticide works the best at killing brown widow egg sacs. Therefore, you’ll want to get an oil-based aerosol pesticide instead of buying water-based pesticides. Spider egg sacs are water-repellant, so water-based products won’t work.

You may want to use these oil-based pesticides if the spider egg sacs are in a location that your vacuum cleaner cannot reach.

The reason oil-based pesticides work best is due to the highly hydrophobic silks of the egg sac, which oil-based products can more easily penetrate as compared to water-based pesticides.

It’s important to use the best pesticide because brown widow spider egg sacs can hold as many as 282 eggs and about 135 eggs on average. Therefore, you’ll want to kill the spider eggs before they become spiderlings and spread all over your house.

Before You Go

The information here should have helped you better understand how to kill spider eggs and keep your home free of these insects. You can either hire a professional service to remove the bugs and egg sacs, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the spider eggs or spray oil-based pesticides onto the spider egg sacs.

Before you know it, your spider infestation will be a thing of the past. Enjoy your home free of bugs!