How To Keep Outdoor Curtains from Blowing Up: The Essential Guide

No one likes the sound or the annoyance of dealing with a drape flapping in the wind like a flag. Of course, this doesn’t mean that if you live in a windy area, you should ditch using curtains. You may be wondering, ‘How To Keep Outdoor Curtains from Blowing Up?’

You might have to take some measures to keep your drapes from blowing up. After all, outdoor curtains can protect you from the sun and other outdoor elements and might be necessary for some parts of the country.

Don’t look further if you wonder how to keep outdoor curtains from blowing up! Adding curtains to your decking or gazebo can help you get some shade and block your neighbours view.

Here, you’ll find our tips to make the most out of your environment.

Our Recommendations to Keep Outdoor Curtains from Blowing Up

How To Keep Outdoor Curtains from Blowing Up
You can be creative and practical at the same time to keep your curtains from blowing in the wind. Read through our list of tips to do so and pick the best solution for your garden!

Buy Heavier Curtains

Getting heavier curtains is one of the most common methods for preventing your outdoor curtains from moving around when the wind blows. If you live in a windy region, buying heavier drapes will save you headaches.

While they might be slightly more expensive, if you need curtains that do their job, you should consider purchasing heavier ones to prevent them from blowing all day and giving the impression there’s no curtain. You can find drapes with different weights: know which one works best for your situation.

Place Weights in the Hem

Alternatively, you can transform your ever-blowing curtains into something calmer by adding weights to the hem. You can use fishing weights and sew them on the bottom of your curtains or add a steel chain.

If you are not good at sewing, you can always hang fishing sinkers from the bottom of your drapes. You can use any small weight: washers, marbles, stones, pebbles, heavy-duty magnets, and large screws all work fine. You can “magnetize” your curtains and fasten them together when the weather starts getting windy.

You can even create personalized stone weights: put your creativity into practice! Alternatively, you can find some products that might improve the appeal of your curtains while keeping them still when the wind blows. Search on Amazon or at home decore stores.

Tie Them Up To The Railing

How To Keep Outdoor Curtains from Blowing Up
You can also tie your curtains to the deck or porch railings: this easy solution is free and will save you much time thinking. All you have to do is a rope loosely handing around your living space to tie the drapes up when necessary. However, this solution is effective only if your curtains are close enough to the railings.

You can use tarp grabbers and cup hooks to attach your curtains to the ground when it gets windy outside. Instead of blowing, your curtains will bulge to the side, creating a “sailboat” effect.

Keep Your Curtains Curvy

By keeping your drapes scalloped at the top, you’ll minimize the impact of the wind. Allow the wind to blow over the curtain (which reduces the dragging). If you need to buy new curtains, look for products that have tab tops and come with deep cuts.

Make Wind Slits

You can prevent your curtains from blowing by creating wind slits: make vertical rows of cuts on your fabric to prevent the wind from inflating your drapes.

The wind will pass through the openings and keep your curtains from blowing and tearing. You should fold and stitch the edges of each slit to keep them from flying. If you don’t like making visible pleats, do incisions on the backward fold of the curtain.

Block The Wind

Because the wind causes your curtains to blow, you should consider blocking the wind to prevent it from interfering with your drapes. Of course, this solution only works if the setting is suitable. You can use furniture and decorative items to block the curtains from moving around with the wind.

How To Keep Outdoor Curtains from Blowing Up: The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many ways you can stop your outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind.

From selecting curtains that aren’t as light to making wind slits, you can be creative to solve this problem! Use our guidelines to become aware of the possibilities, but don’t be afraid of experimenting!

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