How To Keep Birds Out of Your Garden: Tips and Tricks

Having a garden can be a peaceful experience as you nurture your plants and watch them grow to their full potential. However, pesky birds can make this an aggravating experience as they eat your vegetables and flowers, leaving your garden in shambles. 

Nobody wants to see their hard gardening work go to waste, so here are some humane ways to help you learn how to keep birds out of your garden.

7 Humane Ways To Keep Birds Out of Your Garden

How To Keep Birds Out of Your Garden

Here are some great ways to keep birds out of your garden without harming them.

1. Plastic Owls

Real owls are predator birds that primarily hunt small rodents. However, they do tend to feast on other birds from time to time as well, making the birds in your garden their prey. So, when birds see plastic owls and other predator statues, they will most likely get scared off. Mount an owl statue on a post near your garden to scare off the birds.

2. Scarecrows

Birds are often afraid of people as well. Buying or building a scarecrow and putting it in your garden can give the illusion that a person is standing there. This will prevent birds from eating your garden and scare them off.

3. Reflectors

Use reflective surfaces and objects to keep birds out of your garden. CDs are a great option, as they reflect the sunlight, causing aggravation to the birds’ eyes. There are also bird reflectors available for purchase. The reflective light will deter the birds from wanting to land in your garden.

4. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have the power to create unusual and loud sounds, which will help scare the birds that are bothering your garden. If you try this method, try to get metal wind chimes, as they tend to make louder noises.

5. Non-Toxic Bird Repellent

How To Keep Birds Out of Your Garden

If you’re looking for a solution that you don’t have to build or set up, homemade non-toxic bird repellents might be a good start. Scientists found that birds have functional olfactory receptor genes, which aid in their sense of smell, proving that birds can and do use their sense of smell daily.

Their sense of smell is key in bird repellents, as most recipes call for strong scents to help deter them from your garden. These homemade sprays are also safe for your plants. Some homemade non-toxic repellent concoctions consist of the following:

  • Chili pepper spray, consisting of water, vinegar, and chili peppers.
  • Peppermint oil spray, consisting of water, vinegar, and peppermint oil.
  • Garlic spray consisting of garlic and olive oil.

Researchers have proven that products containing high amounts of garlic reduce crop consumption by birds. They found that garlic sprays with ten to 25 percent garlic work best. As the garlic content increases, crop consumption decreases.

6. Set Up Some Butterfly Netting

Butterfly netting is slightly different from traditional garden netting, as the holes are much smaller. Setting this netting up around and over your garden will keep the birds out without getting them stuck. The netting is almost mesh-like. However, the holes still allow room for pollinators and other bugs to get through. 

7. Pinwheels

Movement can scare birds away, as they think it correlates with something being alive and potentially putting them in danger. So, when a pinwheel gets hit with wind, it starts to spin out of control and scare the birds off. Some pinwheels also make noise and contain reflective surfaces, making them the ultimate deterrent.

Concluding Thoughts

Deterring pests from your beloved garden doesn’t always mean you need to harm them. There are many humane, environmentally-friendly ways to do this, such as homemade sprays and physical objects. Figure out how to keep birds out of your garden by trying each of the above methods, and determine which one works best for you.