How to Hang Plants from the Ceiling Without Drilling: Creative Hacks

Plants are a great addition to any space. Incorporating plants in your house adds a lively feel and improves the room’s aesthetic value. Moreover, recent studies prove that plants are good for your mental and psychological health, as they reduce stress and anxiety.

There are numerous designs to arrange plants in your house. And while placing them on the ground is pretty common, you can also opt to place them on the walls and maybe hang them from the ceiling. Unfortunately, if you’re renting or leasing your house, you may have strict limitations on the changes you can make to the walls and ceiling.

However, even with little wiggle room, there are still numerous options for hanging plants on the walls and ceiling. So, how can you incorporate plants on your walls and ceiling? Read on to learn how to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling.

How to Hang Plants from the Ceiling Without Drilling

How to Hang Plants from the Ceiling Without Drilling


Tension rods were traditionally used to hold curtains and drapes. However, they are a creative solution you can use to hang plants without drilling holes. Tension rods work by gripping either side of the wall, so you don’t need to damage the walls or ceiling.

Once the tension rod is in place, all you need to do is add a string or chain to your potted plants. Next, hang the string on the rod, and you’re good to go. Tension rods are very affordable, so you can get as many as you wish. Moreover, you can easily switch the plants or move them around when you want to switch things up.


The other fairly simple yet creative solution for hanging indoor plants is using adhesive hooks. These hooks are cheap and easy to find, either in your local hardware store or in most online shops. Once you have the adhesive, peel off the cover and stick the hook on the wall or ceiling.

After ensuring the adhesive is stuck on the wall, you can hang your plant directly or with a string or chain. Adhesive hooks are easy to remove, so you just need to peel them off when you’re moving. If you wish to hang heavy plants, ensure you get quality adhesive hooks that won’t peel off or fall.


Sometimes, a clever solution requires you to think outside the box or inside the closet, in this case. If you have old cloth racks or coat hangers, you can repurpose them to hold your floating plants.

One advantage of using a clothes rack or coat hanger is you can hang the plants at a level you can easily water and care for your plants. In addition, you don’t need to buy any special equipment as you’re reusing old material you already have.


Shelving ladders are the perfect solution for many interior designers and DIY enthusiasts. These ladders are not only stylish but are also affordable and add a unique feel to your house.

You can lean the shelving ladder on one wall and place different plants on each step. This simple project takes a few minutes, and you can change or rearrange the plants as much as you wish.


How to Hang Plants from the Ceiling Without Drilling: Conclusion

Ultimately, you don’t have to feel limited when you cannot drill holes in the ceiling or walls. There are countless creative ways to help you add hanging plants to your home.