How To Get Rid of Flies Around Garbage Bin

Flies eat food waste, especially in garbage bins. If you don’t keep flies away from your trash, they multiply. Flies – like house flies, green bottle flies, and fruit flies – like rotting and fermenting foods. When flies get into your garbage bins, you might struggle to remove them all. 

Female flies lay hundreds of eggs. Once flies move into your garbage bins, it won’t take long before a handful of flies turns into thousands. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse. 

You’re probably wondering how to get rid of flies around the garbage bin. Luckily, you can eliminate flies near your garbage bins with a few easy steps.

Keep Your Trash Bins Clean

 How To Get Rid of Flies Around Garbage Bin

Outdoor garbage bins pick up odors from rotting or fermented food. When flies find the food, they move in and start laying eggs. Remove the smell, food residue, and maggots by cleaning your trash bins regularly. Clean them once per month or more frequently if needed. 

The best method is to spray inside the bin with a cleaning solution, like a one-to-one mixture of white vinegar and tap water. Spray inside and let the mixture sit for about 20 minutes, then scrub the interior walls and lid. You can prevent flies from moving into your garbage bin by sprinkling at least a cup of baking soda on the bottom and sides.

Use Fragrances Flies Hate 

How To Get Rid of Flies Around Garbage Bin

It might seem like flies are attracted to everything, but several fragrances drive away flies. You can create a strong lemongrass spray with oil and hot water, and flies will leave after you spray it on your garbage bins. A lemongrass mixture is safe to spray around children and pets. 

Flies don’t like ginger. If you don’t have lemongrass on hand, you can use ginger powder to keep flies away from your garbage. Sprinkle the ginger powder around your garbage bin, or make a diluted ginger spray to attack flies. They will avoid the smell, so you’ll have time to clean the garbage can without flies attacking you. 

Another fly-deterrent is peppermint oil. Blending this fragrant oil with water and spraying it in your garbage bin keeps flies away and makes your garbage bin smell fresh. You can also use clove, thyme, and basil. Consider planting these herbs near your garbage bins to keep flies away without having to spray more oil around the bins.

Place Flytraps Near Your Garbage Bins

How To Get Rid of Flies Around Garbage Bin

Flies are easy to kill, especially with a variety of fly traps. The sticky traps at the grocery store will kill hundreds of flies, but it takes a few days for them to die on the sticky tape. 

You can also kill flies with bait traps. A bowl filled with water, apple cider vinegar, and dish soap attract flies. They want to eat the apple cider vinegar, but the dish soap traps them in the bowl. The flies drown quickly so you won’t have many flying around your garbage bins.

Hire an Exterminator

Sometimes, pesky insects – like flies – can become too much to handle on your own. Fortunately, exterminators can help you create a healthier environment around your home. Because pesticides and insecticides are toxic, homeowners should only let licensed pest control professionals use them. 

Many exterminators will take care of the problem the day you call because they understand how insects spread disease. Exterminators can use eco-friendly methods to remove flies and other pests.

Put Garbage in Sealed Garbage Bags

You can keep flies away from your garbage bins by keeping trash in sealed garbage bags. The plastic bags cover the scent and prevent access to the food. If the bags rip, put the food in a new, closed bag.

Start Composting Food Scraps

Rather than throwing food into your garbage bins, use it for composting. When you put food scraps into an electric kitchen composter, flies won’t be able to get to the food scraps, and you create useful eco-friendly fertilizer for your garden.

Final Thoughts

Once flies invade, you likely begin wondering how to get rid of flies around the garbage bin. By regularly cleaning trash bins, calling an exterminator, using scents such as lemongrass and peppermint oil, or sealing garbage in bags, you can help deter flies from taking up residence in your garbage bin. Follow these easy steps, and you’ll be fly-free in no time.