How to get potatoes to sprout eyes?

In this article, we will be discussing How to get potatoes to sprout eyes. Sprouting or chitting potatoes is important as it will help you have more success and a greater harvest. It is advised to chit your seed potatoes a few weeks before planting if you are looking for the best results. Let’s look at how to get potatoes to sprout eyes?

How to get potatoes to sprout eyes?

When sprouting eyes on potatoes several things should be considered. The first thing to consider is the temperature. Ensure the potatoes do not chit when there is still frost on the ground as it may result in killing the seeds. The next thing that is to be considered in the light. Ensure there is enough light as lack of light can encourage the growth of long soft white buds.

If you find the buds are white then ensure you bring them to sunlight. This will turn the white into green leafy parts before planting. The buds should not be more than a cm or two if you are looking for the best results. if in case you see some buds are potatoes with lots of buds then remove the excess ones.

How to get potatoes to sprout eyes

If you are looking forward to sprouting potatoes for growing then several steps should be followed. Mentioned below are the steps that you should consider for the best results.

* Prepare the seedling and chitting
* Set up the sprouting trays
* Offer ample light

These three steps mentioned above will help you to sprout potatoes for growing. Besides these steps, there are several other considerations when looking forward to potatoes to have sprout eyes. All of these points should be followed if you are hoping for better results.

How long do seed potatoes take to sprout eyes?

The time seed potatoes take to have sprout eyes depends on the temperature it is being stored in. before planting the chitting takes place. Chitting normally takes place two weeks before planting. The planting seasons are from the Mid of February to April. Depending on your location you can expect two weeks before planting the chitting takes place.

Remove excess buds

It is essential to remove the excess buds that get produced from the eyes. Generally, a handful of eyes are perfect for sprouting. This is why it is essential t remove excess buds from the seed potatoes if you are looking for the best results. removing the excess buds have several advantages. Many of the growers remove the buds so that they can offer more power to the couples.

If you are planting potatoes in a small land then removing the buds is easy. The main motive of removing the buds is to ensure that they are not too long and are green in color. This allows the buds of the seed potatoes to grow vertically upwards when planted.

Toughen the seeds before planting

How to get potatoes to sprout eyes

Another very important thing to consider when planting potatoes is to toughen the seeds. Before planting it is advised to take the seed potatoes to a cool temperature. This will encourage better chitting and ultimately give better results. besides, it will also toughen the seeds before you plant them.

Normally when seeds are kept at a warm temperature it gets a shock when put in the cold soil. This shock can be avoided and encourage better growth of the seeds. Besides, the growth period is increased as the seeds require to first adapt to the temperature.

Where to sprout?

Another very important question is where to sprout the potatoes. For this, you will require a wooden box that has slatted sides. A wooden box with slatted sides offers maximum light and air which is best for sprouting potatoes. When the potatoes get enough light, they will not turn white. A good amount of airflow will ensure that there are no dampness and molds in the seeds as they may rot due to molds and damps.

How to get potatoes to sprout eyes: Conclusion

Mentioned above is the entire process of how you can get potatoes to sprout eyes. Certain factors like temperature, light, container, and others should be considered for a better result. All of these factors along with all the steps will help you achieve sprout eyes in your potatoes.