How Tall Do Dogwood Trees Get?

The Dogwood tree is stunning and does well when planted in most places except semi-arid to arid climates. There are over 50 species of Dogwood trees, and their size and height can vary widely. 

The actual size and height that a Dogwood tree will grow depend on several items, such as the environment and the species of the tree.

What Is the Average Height of a Dogwood Tree?

How Tall Do Dogwood Trees Get?

The average height for a flowering Dogwood tree ranges from 15 to 20 feet tall in direct sunshine. 

If a flowering Dogwood tree is in the forest or shade, it can grow as tall as 40 feet. Dogwood trees are, however, slow growers. Most Dogwood trees reach their full height after about 20-25 years of growing.

What Is the Tallest Dogwood Trees Get In Direct Sunlight?

How Tall Do Dogwood Trees Get?

The species of Dogwood tress that tends to grow the tallest when located in direct sunshine is the Wedding Cake (Giant) Dogwood tree. 

This species is native to Asia but grows well in moderately temperate environments. 

The Wedding Cake Dogwood tree can grow as tall as 25 feet and is gorgeous, with gorgeous layered green and white flat leaves and delicate white flowers.

What Is the Tallest Dogwood Trees Get In the Shade

The Latin name for this gorgeous tree is Cornus florida, Cornus meaning a horn. This flowering Dogwood can grow from 20 feet to as tall as 40 feet. 

This tree features an unforgettable spreading crown that sports rose and white blossoms and seems to last all season. The Flowering Dogwood also blooms a crimson fruit and has a lovely aromatic bark.

How To Tell if a Tree Is a Dogwood

How Tall Do Dogwood Trees Get?

Dogwood trees are easy to distinguish due to their smooth leaves with rounded edges. The veins of the leaves run parallel to the edges of the leaves as well. 

Some Dogwood trees produce gorgeous flowers and an edible fruit called “drupe.” Although edible, these fruits do not have much taste. 

Another significant sign to identify a Dogwood tree is that they feature opposite branching- a pattern in the branches where side branches and leave grow from the stem directly across from each other.

What Are a Few of the Most Popular Varieties of Dogwoods?

There are 17 species of Dogwood trees.

Common Dogwood

The most common Dogwood tree is, not surprisingly, the Common Dogwood. This Dogwood tree sports oval-shaped leaves and yellowish-white flowers and grows to an average of 20 feet. 

By the fall season, they produce a dark blue-colored fruit, and the leaves turn to purplish mauve color.

Kousa Dogwood

The Kousa Dogwood, also known as the Chinese or Japanese Dogwood, is a trendy variety. This Dogwood produces a bright green and yellow flower in the Spring season; by the summer season, they produce a light red berry.

By the fall season, the primary color sported on the Kousa Dogwood is a reddish maroon. The Kousa Dogwood averages about 15 to 20 feet in height.

Gray Dogwood 

Also known as the Northern Swamp Dogwood, the Gray Dogwood is a shrub that grows as thickets. The flowers will spring later in the season and produce a white berry that birds love to nibble on for a snack. 

By the fall, the leaves turn to an opaque purple, and the bark turns to a dark orange color. The average height of the Gray Dogwood is 10 to 15 feet.

Final Thoughts

Dogwood trees are the perfect year-round tree. They can vary in size, shape, color, and height. Researching which Dogwood tree will thrive the best in a particular environment will guarantee the optimal growth of this stunning tree.