How Much Gas Does a Push Mower Hold?

If you know that push lawn mowers come in different sizes, then it won’t be much of a surprise that they also hold different amounts of gas. For example, a non-commercial push mower will not hold as much as a commercial one. However, a range of fuel tanks in most non-commercial push mowers will give you an idea of how much gas your push mower will end up holding.

Most non-commercial push mowers contain one and a half gallons of fuel to two gallons. That sounds like a huge range, right? That’s because it is. You should be able to look at your tank and get an idea of its capacity, which is important because it’s possible to overfill your tank.

How Much Gas Does a Push Mower Hold?

An overfilled tank can result in gasoline spilling out on the ground, harming the plants and possibly animals that come into your yard, and just being a waste of resources. So to avoid this, it’s important to find out how much fuel the tank of your mower specifically will hold.

When in doubt, such as if you’re unable to determine the capacity of your mower, go with less than what you might need. Always pay attention to how much fuel you put in your mower, and try not to refuel it while distracted.

The Variants In Size

How Much Gas Does a Push Mower Hold?

The more fuel a lawn mower’s tank holds, the more you can mow with it without changing out your fuel. This sounds obvious at a glance, but fuel efficiency also plays a role in this, and not all mowers are created equally. Look into what the fuel efficiency of a mower is like before you buy it, or find out what yours is so you have an idea of how far you’re going to get before you have to refuel and, as a result, how much fuel you’re going to need to have to do your lawn.

If you aren’t sure what the fuel efficiency of your mower looks like, a quick web search is usually all that is needed to get an idea of how far a full tank will get you, as well as how much fuel a full tank looks like for your mower.

How Long Do You Have To Mow?

On average, it takes about two hours to run a full tank on a mower dry. Of course, that’s assuming an average-sized tank; as you can see above, there’s a range on how much can fit. The best way to figure out how long you’ve got on your mower is to fill the tank up and time yourself to see how long it lasts for you.

However, there are a few other variables to take into consideration. If you’re mowing up an incline, for example, that is going to take more fuel. If the grass is particularly high, that can also take more fuel. If your mower is well maintained and in good condition, it is likely to have better fuel efficiency than one that has been allowed to languish.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the amount of gas a push mower holds depends on its size. However, it typically ranges from one and a half gallons to two gallons. If you’re vigilant and pay attention as you’re filling up your mower, you should be able to sort out a plan that makes your lawn care efficient and safe. You may also be wondering how much oil you need for a push mower.