How Much Does a Queen Bee Cost? 

If you are a well-seasoned beekeeper or have recently picked up the profession, it will be handy for you to know how much does a queen bee cost and where to get queen bees in the case of an emergency when you need one. 

Sometimes our bee hives need a little extra encouragement, but the queen bee is extremely important to a healthy colony and sometimes may require replacing if lost. 

How Much Does a Queen Bee Cost 

You don’t always have to buy one, but if enough time has passed, it can be a good idea to at least consider it if other options have been unsuccessful. 

Queen bees are one of the most vital parts of a beehive. Without them, the production and livelihood of the ecosystem become at risk. Worker bees depend on their queen to rejuvenate the hive, among other important natural cycles. 

You may purchase a queen bee in the following situations: 

  • Hive has attempted to requeen without success
  • They cannot produce one on their own due to low egg production
  • The queen bee did not return from her mating flight 

The hive can requeen if they have the right materials, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out; since bees have a relatively short life cycle, the population can wane a little too quickly before things can be fixed. 

Thankfully, the solution is fairly easy to come by as long as the issue is addressed early, so your beehive can heal and start to flourish again. Don’t fret if you think it might be too late; usually, there is still something that can be done.

How Much Does a Queen Bee Cost? 

How Much Does a Queen Bee Cost 

The price of a queen bee depends. They are generally between $70 and $100 on average, regardless of breed. However, some can be less expensive, and some can be more. 

It depends on what you’re looking for. You’ll also have to pay attention to a few different factors of the type of queen bee you’re looking for, as well as the environment of your current colony. 

The two should be compatible. Factors like if the queen bee can handle colder weather and if they adhere to hygienic behaviors (which protects the hive from disease outbreaks) are vital to remember.

Where Would I Buy One?

It depends on the time of year. If during the warm season, late spring through early fall, queen bees are relatively easy to track down and purchase. You can find bee supply stores in your area. Queen bees can also be ordered off the internet. 

Buyers should note that bees can sometimes die if sent through the mail, so purchasing them in person may eliminate potential risk and frustration. But sometimes ordering online is unavoidable.  

If you are trying to find a queen past the warm season, your bee supply store might try to convince you to purchase new eggs from a different colony. It can’t be too far past the warm season, however. It may be too late in the winter months. 

Introducing new eggs from a different colony will strengthen the genetic pool and usually works if your colony is large enough because they can raise the queen on their own.


How much does a queen bee cost? If you find yourself in trouble with your beehive missing its queen, you now know that it costs between $70 and $100 to buy one. Ideally buy them during the warmer months at a local store as bees don’t like cold weather.