How Much Does a Pallet of Grass/Sod Weigh?

Sod is generally sold by the pallet or by the roll. If you have a large area to cover, it may be more cost-effective to buy your sod by the pallet. This article will answer the question ‘How much does a pallet of grass weigh?’ Once you’ve figured out what the average roll of sod weighs, you can work out the weight of an entire pallet.

If you’re planning on growing a new lawn, you can either sow grass seed or lay sod. Laying sod is often the preferred method as you won’t need to wait for the seeds to germinate and grow. However, laying sod is hard work and requires carrying heavy rolls of grass.

Sod weighs 2,500 to 3000 pounds per pallet

How much does a pallet of grass weigh?

How much does a pallet of sod weigh

If you’ve ever planned on putting in your own lawn or laying new sod, you were likely faced with the decision of whether to purchase sod by the roll or by the pallet. Picking up a few rolls from the local nursery is easy, but if you’re installing a large lawn, hiring a pallet delivery service is best.

The most common type of grass pallets available is the 50-yard pallets. These contain as many as 165 pieces of grass, so it would be reasonable to estimate that a full pallet weighs between 2,500 and 3000 pounds. This amount of sod would cover a yard that measures approximately 450 square feet.

If you’re planning on installing sod at your yard, you’ll need to be able to get it from the nursery or lumber yard to your yard. Unless you have a pickup truck with a dump bed, lifting the pallet onto the tailgate may prove challenging.

You can transport sod using a Toyota Tundra or similar, but these vehicles will generally only be able to transport half a pallet of sod at a time.

How much does a roll of sod weigh?

Roll of sod

If you’re planning on laying your own lawn, it’s wise to estimate the weight of the rolls so that you can manage the pallet accordingly. Once you’ve found out how many rolls are contained in one pallet, you can better estimate how much that pallet will weigh when it’s time to install the sod.

If you plan on transporting your pallet to your yard, you can load up all of the rolls with a forklift or use a pickup with a dump bed to transport it. Many companies that sell sod will deliver the grass to your yard; some will even install it for you.


As you can see, laying your own lawn is hard work and requires some equipment for safety and efficiency. Sod weighs 2,500 to 3000 pounds per pallet, a roll of sod can weigh up to 110 lbs. Now you know how heavy a roll is, are you strong enough to carry it? If you’re not up to carrying rolls of sod, you can always break the sod into smaller rolls to be installed one or two at a time.