How Fast Do Black Walnut Trees Grow

The black walnut tree, also known as the eastern black walnut, is one of the tallest trees in the walnut family, standing at over 100 feet tall. In North America, it is a native tree to the eastern continent, where it is appreciated for its attractive wood.

You may not know, black walnut woods are highly grained and dark in color, making them ideal for paneling, gunstocks, and, yes, furniture. This tree can also be utilized as an attractive plant, and its husks can be used to make dye, which is sometimes used in textiles.

Even the seeds are tasty and contribute to the plant’s commercial importance. It’s no surprise that black walnut trees might become the center of attention due to this. It is inevitable for anyone to ask, “How Fast Do Black Walnut Trees Grow?”

How Fast Do Black Walnut Trees Grow

How Fast Do Black Walnut Trees Grow

According to researchers and timber experts, the wondrous black walnut trees can grow even more than 3′ to 4′ each year in the fertile soils. When cultivated to enhance root development, it can reach a fully grown height of over 100′ and a surface area of 30′′ to 40′′, to 16′′ diameter. The logs are readily available to collect in three decades if planted in a way that allows for maximum tree growth.

Black walnut is a slow-growing tree that matures in around 150 years on suitable soils. Then, it can live for more than two hundred years when in the right conditions. The leaves can develop to be around 30 to 60 centimeters long and have 15 to 23 sub-leaves that are produced on extremely short stalks, depending on the variety.

The Drupe Fruit

A drupe is the type of fruit that only black walnuts can produce. The drupe’s pit is also known as the nut. It contains a tasty oily seed, while the exterior drupe has a hairy husk that is yellow-green and covered with tiny hairs. It is believed that the tree’s roots release compounds known as juglones or juglans.

Juglones can suppress the development of other crops, such as a variety of similar decorative and agricultural plants. This includes blueberries, azaleas, peppers, and tomatoes, among others.

How Fast Do Black Walnut Trees Grow

How Fast Do Black Walnut Trees Grow: Black Walnut Trees and their wood

Even in decay-friendly conditions, the wood of black walnut is among the most durable hardwoods. Walnut has long been regarded for its distinctive color and grain qualities – making it an ideal choice for woodwork, cabinetry, millwork, flooring, and other aesthetic interior uses. Even bookshelves, workstations, dining tables, home furniture, office equipment, and various other items are regularly crafted from black walnut.

Walnut is an excellent choice for gunstocks due to its slow-growing after-seasoning. Though, its stocks are sought after for high-end sporting rifles and other guns. It is a superb shaping wood and a leading commercial hardwood type. With a reasonable kiln schedule, walnut may be dried quickly and retain their shape even after the process.

Black walnut is typically easy to handle with machine or hand tools and has exceptional cutting qualities. When working with patterned crotch wood, keep an eye on the centerline in both layer planers and jointers. The wood has a beautiful polish, can be dyed, and is adequately fastened.