How Far Apart Do You Plant Colorado Blue Spruce Trees

The spring season is approaching, and you have just got your Colorado blue spruce from the nursery. You may be wondering ‘how far apart do you plant Colorado blue spruce trees?’ All that remains is for you to get an ideal place to grow the tree (well-drained, fertile, and slightly acidic soils). However, there’s always the spacing norm with a spruce tree growing.

As a general Colorado blue spruce gardening norm, spacing must be guaranteed for full growths. There are creeping and shorter cultivars that can be grown closer, while the ‘Moerheimii,’ Bakeri’, and “Baby Blue Eyes cultivars” should be at least 25 feet apart.

Also, there is concern about row spacing and the essence of spacing. All of which are discussed below.

Quick Answer:

You have to allow a 25-30 feet interval to provide room for the species to grow and spread freely

How Far Apart Should The Blue Spruce Tree Be Planted?

Space considerations for blue spruce trees depend on the cultivar being grown. There’s an assumption that spruce tree roots only penetrate and spread through the ground by a few inches and can therefore be grown closely. However, that’s not true. On the other hand, the Moerheimii’, Bakeri’, and Baby Blue Eyes varieties can grow up to 30 feet relative to the roots and the branching.

You have to allow a 25-30 feet interval to provide room for the species to grow and spread freely. Additionally, it will enable you some space whenever you need to maintain the trees and easily monitor the ones with defects.

If you are planting the Glauca Globusa, the dwarf variety, you have to leave a distance of 6 to 9 feet between each tree. Further, the rows should be at least 8 feet, but 10 is preferably the best. If you plan to keep them in containers, ensure the container is 12 inches larger than the root ball of the spruce cultivar. Lastly, Colorado blue spruces that are fine-tuned as Christmas trees should also be set 6 feet apart.

What Happens After planting Colorado blue spruce trees together?

Colorado spruce trees fully grow when they are exposed to full sunlight. Should they be crowded in one place, they will form a canopy that prevents sunlight penetration. Again, Colorado spruce trees have shallow roots. Suffice it to say; they are not well braced to fight for nutrients. The roots will entangle and cause poor anchorage or wilting if they are grown closely. So, the end sum of getting your spruces crowded is unhealthy growth.

Where should I plant a Colorado spruce tree?

Colorado blue spruces will thrive in sunny spots in zone 3-7, but the soils need to be fertile, moist and have good drainage. It’s tolerant to dry winds and can cope with the soil eventually. The holes for planting should be deep and three times as wide as the spruce’s root ball.

When should I plan the Colorado blue spruce?

Spruces must be planted while dormant, so the roots can establish before the leave emerges. Depending on your hardiness zone, they can be produced in early spring or late winter.


How Far Apart Do You Plant Colorado Blue Spruce Trees: Wrapping up

Irrefutably, spacing affects the growth of Colorado blue spruces. Each time you are at the nursery getting the seedling or planning to sow them, you have to think about your landscape. That is how you are going to provide the spacings as above mentioned. Again, you shouldn’t overlook fertility, drainage, and sunshine.

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