Hedge Trimmer Lubricant: Tips for Applying Lubricant

There are a few different types of lubricant that can be used on hedge trimmers, but the most common and effective type is bar and chain oil. This type of lubricant can be applied to the blades of your hedge trimmers to reduce the chance of rust forming and keep the trimmers in good condition. This article will tell you everything you need to know about hedge trimmer lubricant.

Hedge Trimmer Lubricant

Hedge Trimmer Lubricant

Hedge trimmer lubricant is a type of oil that has been manufactured to help keep the blades of the trimmer sharp and protected from rust and general wear and tear. It’s a good idea to keep your trimmers in good condition so that you can trim your hedges and trees to keep them the desired size and shape. 

Many of the main gardening brands, such as Dewalt, Bosch, and Black & Decker all make effective hedge trimmer lubricants. Before choosing an oil, check that it is compatible with your hedge trimmer.

Using a lubricant will allow you to make a clean cut and will stop the blades from becoming clogged. If you’ve noticed that your hedge trimmer is dull and makes a mess of your hedge, the blade may need to be sharpened and lubricant applied. 

How to apply hedge trimmer lubricant

Hedge Trimmer Lubricant

To apply the lubricant, first, ensure that the trimmer is turned off at the power source and the blades are not moving. To do this, you’ll either need to remove the battery or unplug it from the power output. It’s also a good idea to wear protective gloves when carrying out this job. 

You should clean the blades with a cloth if you have been using them recently. Get rid of any leaves, sap, and debris which may have attached themselves to the blades. Failing to do this will result in the blades becoming clogged. 

Next, hold the oil bottle close to the trimmer and squeeze or spray a small amount onto the blades. You can then use either a brush or rag to spread the lubricant evenly over the blades. Allow the oil to soak in for a few minutes before turning on the trimmer and using it as normal.

How often do I need to use hedge trimmer lubricant?

Overall it depends on how often you use your hedge trimmer as to how often it will need to be lubricated. It is generally recommended that you lubricate your hedge trimmer blades after each use. However, if you notice that the blades are starting to wear down or rust, you may need to lubricate more frequently. 

You should lubricant the trimmers at least once at the beginning of the growing season and again when you’ve finished using them and plan to store them for more than three weeks. It’s a good idea to inspect the blades every time you use them and apply oil as necessary. 

Oiling the blades before each use is a good idea as it reduces the amount of sap that sticks to the blades and generally keeps them in good condition. 

Final thoughts

It’s a good idea to maintain your hedge trimmer regularly, and one of the easiest ways to do so is by applying lubricant after every use. This will help keep the blades sharp and reduce the chance of rust forming on your blades. Hedge trimmer lubricant can also help to save you money in the long run, as it will prolong the life of your hedge trimmers. 

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