Grass Packer vs Accelerator: A Guide to Investing in a Grass Bagger

The grass packer and accelerator grass catcher are two choices for those looking for a bagging attachment for their ride-on, push mower, or zero-turn lawnmower. In this article, we’ll compare the Grass Packer and Accelerator to find out the similarities and differences between the two.

What is a Grass Packer?

Grass packer vs accelerator
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The grass packer is a bagging attachment that catches clippings from the mower’s cutting deck. It collects these lawn clippings in its large capacity bag and then, if required, ejects the clippings when full into a garden area where they can be collected or used as compost/mulch.

The Grass packer has been designed and manufactured in America and is very efficient and innovative. The product is often used in the landscaping industry as it offers high performance and makes cutting and clearing grass a lot easier.

The grass packer is durable and lightweight (weighs 20 pounds), making it easy to carry even when full. It’s also very easy to empty. It can be used on a large selection of commercial lawnmowers with a flat outlet, including riding lawn mowers, zero-turn lawn mowers, walk behinds, and lawn tractors. Some examples of brands you can use the grass packer with are Kubota, Gravely, and Exmark.

  • Great for spring clean up
  • Manufactured using rust-resistant materials
  • Innovative design can be used on a large selection of lawnmowers
  • Comes with a mounting kit; designed to fit lawnmower decks 32 to 60 inches.
  • Can be shipped to anywhere in America

What is an accelerator grass catcher?

accelerator vs gras packer

The accelerator grass catcher is a bagging attachment that’s made from aluminum. It catches the clippings from the cutting deck and deposits them into a bag, which is available in three different sizes. The bag can be easily removed when full as it’s lightweight and easy to empty.

Like the grass packer, the accelerator is also a well-designed product suitable for commercial use. The grass catcher has been designed to reduce clogging, making it easy to use. Three different sizes of grass catchers are available, which range in capacity from 3.3 to 6.2 cubic feet.

  • Made from premium aluminum
  • Fits a wide range of commercial lawnmowers
  • Can be easily fitted over the discharge door
  • Designed to decrease clogging
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Grass Packer vs. Accelerator: Similarities

  • Both the Grass Packer and Accelerator work by gathering the clippings from the cutting deck and depositing them into a bag.
  • They are both designed to be used with a ride-on, push mower, or zero-turn lawnmower.
  • They are both easy to attach and use.
  • The Grass Packer and Accelerator both come with a two-year warranty.

Grass Packer vs. Accelerator: Differences

The Grass Packer is designed for normal lawns, while the Accelerator is designed for high volume mowing where there are a lot of clippings to be collected.

The Accelerator is available in three different sizes, while Grass Packer has attempted to make a ‘one size fits all type of product.


If you have a regular lawn, then the Grass Packer would be the best choice as it has a large capacity and can easily be attached to your mower. If you have a lot of clippings to catch, the Accelerator would be the best option, allowing you to mow at a higher volume and collect more clippings. The accelerator is also great value for money and is available in three different sizes.